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Religion And Evolution Essay

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Religion is a multifaceted-facetted progression, which is defined and understood in many ways; however the basic fundamental concepts of religion are shared emotional responses within a community of shared-value and likeminded members. Religion is a methodical dance involving history, message, faith, as well as reconciliation with natural science. The last step of that dance, reconciliation, is the perpetual stumbling block for many followers of many different religions. For many Christians, the biggest perpetual stumbling block for reconciliation is the theory of and proof for evolution.
Evolution is not the mere documentation of generational changes; it is a scientific story of the struggle and the progression of existence; religion is not just the documented belief structure and awareness, it is also a narrative of the conflicted development of life through an existential consciousness. Although difficult for some, understanding this paradigm allows one to live in harmony with both evolution and religion.

Literature Review
Embracing this paradigm has it challenges, its critics, and also conflicting internal dialogue. The challenges, criticism, and conflicts towards interrelating science and religion vary per person, per faith, and per community; for this research the attention is on blending Christianity and Science will be the focus. This focus will be investigating the historical acceptance, recent public, and education.
Although the general acceptance of science and religion is higher among other nations and belief structures, the Unites States recently currently has a very high concentration of public belief for religious creation stories that provide detailed explanation for the beginning of life; this concentration is much higher than all other developed countries according to several worldwide surveys including Gallup and Pew, (Kohut, 2009), (Newport, 2007). This strong belief in religious creation stories has also been found to have a negative correlation to the acceptance of evolution.
This negative correlation between acceptance of evolution and the belief in religion creation stories has a strong educational implication according to several findings. A report published by Gallup and authored by Frank Newport states there is a connection between having a strict belief in creationism and the lack of higher education, 78% of those who reporting having a belief in creationism did not report having a post-graduate degree, (Newport, 2007). This is a very interesting correlation, between education and acceptance of creationism and or evolution. In his report, 43% of Americans surveyed responded that "God created human beings pretty much in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years or so,” (Newport, 2007). This is only about 3% drop from a similar survey run in 2006 by Gallup (Harper, 2006). Of those Americas survived, 14% reported that "human beings have developed over millions of years...

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