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Does Religion Really Effect Moral Values?

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Typically many religious people claim that ethics and morality relies on what God rules them to be and fail to see that morality can still be just as significant to a person that doesn't believe in God. Theists, followers of God presume religion to be a substantial reason for our moral conduct. Nonbelievers such as atheists are still capable of understanding the difference between what is right and wrong without religion. John, believes that if there wasn't a higher power to give us the set rules and reasons of how to behave then anything we do would be measured equally. Whereas Andrea, who is against this theory points out that God is not the key for having moral values. Her argument seems to be more convincing because an atheist can still to do the right thing based on their own interest if it has a rational explanation for moral values. The only difference is that non-believers don't have a supreme ruler to measure the intensity of how moral their actions are. Doing the right or wrong thing should be justified on a level of whether or not your actions hurt or harm someone in any way. We as humans have the capacity to be able to recognize the reasons of why we should behave rationally with others because of our complex understanding to think at a higher level which differentiates us from other animals who aren't capable of controlling their behaviors that are socially acceptable.

The belief that there should be a higher power to tell us what is right or wrong drives some people to do good because of two reasons; either they fear that God or because they desire a reward. People often believe that God has the ultimate hand in choosing our fate after death, so they fear being sent to Hell, so they do good because only he can decide whether our actions are considered to be virtuous enough to be sent to heaven. They also believe God has the ability to reward people for for being good and...

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