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Religion And Sexuality In Mexico And India

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Indian and Mexican cultures are multi-religious in nature. Mexico for instance, is a secular state, which has no official religion. However, the Roman Catholic has majority of members and this makes holidays such as Christmas and Easter are recognized as national holidays. The Roman Catholic and other religions within Mexico have played an instrumental part in defining the way of life of the Mexicans. In India, religions and cultures are diverse and they influence the way people in this state live. In both states, religion has been dominant in influencing societal way of behavior and phenomena such as marriage, the choice of a marriage partner and numerous aspects of sexuality across the existing genders. The main objective of this paper is to look at various religions in India and Mexico and their influence on sexuality and different aspects of marriage. The focus will be on the values that define these religions and the role they play in in shaping sexual notions. The feminist arguments on women and the sexual attitudes used to define the role and limits of a woman in the two societies will be a subject of concern to this paper.
How religion and sexuality are different in Mexican and Indian cultures
Difference between religion in India and Mexico
India has a characteristic of more ethnic and religious groups than most countries in the world. Despite this multiplicity of religions, there exists a broad group of interrelated traditions called Hinduism. Although other religions within the nation such as Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity have occasionally challenged its dominance, Hinduism is the most prevalent religion in the South Asian region. Some of the outstanding differences between Hinduism and other denominations are that it does not have a founding father (O'Brien 62). Furthermore, Hinduism does not have a single reference book such as the Bible and the Qur’an but relies on teachings from various sources that have been gathered overtime. In India, numerous contending religious groups have attempted the definition of the universe, God, the society and the purpose of man on earth. However, Hindu teachings have been found to be more compelling and more authoritative than others are. This is attributable to the fact that Hindu texts and teachings that have been gathered throughout history provide an all-encompassing vision that covers of the important aspects of the society. Despite the presence of such a vision, Hinduism has encountered criticism from both within and outside the religious group (O'Brien 63).
Mexico is a secular state characterized by numerous religious denominations. However, in recent decades the country has experienced a transformation in its religious panorama. The results of numerous census data acquired in the years between 1885 and 2000 indicate a clear predominance of the Catholic Church in the national platform. The national census of 2000 for instance revealed that about 96% of the Mexican population...

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