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Religion And State Essay

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Religion is an organized system of beliefs, practices, rules and ceremonies used to worship a god or groups of gods. Religion as an organization has an overall leader who is normally elected by a special council of church leaders. From this the church is seen to have defined structures that enable it perform its duties. On the other hand, the State is an organization that is the governing authority of a political unit. The leader of a state is normally elected by the majority. This shows how religion is closely related to the state in terms structures and management. The relation between religion and state is a very important subject that helps in the establishment of the political ...view middle of the document...

This shows how a powerful force religion can be as it prescribe the social stability and can used in evaluating theories of public deliberations.
The political theories on liberalism doctrines must strike a balance with the religious perspectives to the conflict among the citizens concerning their citizenship and religious adherent. This is because, to many, political authority is subservient to Devine authority therefore religious commitments takes precedence over civic ones where as the state view civic role as paramount as it sees the participation in politics as partly constitutive of the human good. Therefore these perspectives must be harmonized for a state to develop (Flood, 2012).
Most of the states are formed and governed on the basis of the laws derived from the church doctrines. This strengthens the affiliation of the church to the state as church enjoys a privilege role in public and political ceremonies such inauguration, opening of parliament, celebration of national holidays, etc. These establishments have accrued benefits to the political system as the citizens feel sufficiently connected to each other and have a common framework through which they can make a political decision.
The involvement of religion in the government is truly important as the state draws its fundamental doctrines from the biblical systems. Religion provides a convenient system for morality and social order in a given state. This makes the work of the government a lot easier when it comes to dealing with the people.
The religion also creates a common ground within the society and provides for conformity. This gives a sense of unity and more friendliness among them. Religion also provide convenient answers to great questions in all aspect of life, governance and spiritually therefore quelling fears and providing reassurances for the living. These establish mutual peace and sustainability. The morals and ethics emphasized by the biblical teaching such the life of Moses and his leadership abilities shown in saving the enslaved are good lessons for good governance and also unites alls thus involvement of religion in the state leadership ensures prosperity of the state (Flood, 2012). The religious practices also promote the welfare of the...

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