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Religion As An Important Source Of Moral Values In Contemporary Societies

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Religion as an Important Source of Moral Values in Contemporary Societies

Over the past century there has been a great differ in the views of
the people of how people see religion and how important and how
influential it is to our modern contemporary societies today.

Too a large extent in our infrastructure today religion does play a
vital part in how society runs. Religion especially helps integration
between people. Before the industrial revolution quite a vast
population would integrate with each other through church services and
would socialise through that agency. Even in contemporary societies
such activities take place for example in the Gurdwara there are youth
clubs and clubs for the elderly whereby people can get to know each

Religion also teaches us how to behave and acts as a unconscious
policing action. Using Sikhism again as an example religion teaches us
that they should cover their head before praying to whom they worship
and not eating meat. However this has slightly changed from past times
as people do eat meat however the vast majority are vegetarian.

Funeral ceremonies also involve religion when it comes to the
mourning. This helps the family of the loved one who has passed away
as the ceremony allows the family to regain strength and acceptance
and a reason to carry on with their own lives.

Another key time when religion seems to have an impact is when it hits
war time. People and soldiers pray to retrieve metaphoric strength and
confidence. It also provides answers that don’t get answered and also
brings about questions that were never there before. It justifies
reasons to kill. Such recent incidents have been in Iraq and the
September 11th attack.

Religion also prevents anomie in society. This is good as it makes
efforts to have a positive influence on people as teachings infer to
people to not to commit crime or behave in an anti-social manner.
Religion promotes consensus by sharing ideas, beliefs, norms and
values that vastly correspond with each other to create solidarity.

Durkhiem who was one of the founding fathers of sociology also took
the same view of society. He believed that collective conscience was
needed for society to be settled. Durkhiem suggested that religion was
a conservative force however in his eyes he saw it in a positive
attitude. He believes that religion poses benefits for the individual.
He saw religion as enabling the individual to face up to life when
situations get rough and also awards them with motivation.

Robert Bellah talked about civil religion. He believed that there were
religions that were rather profane rather than sacred as Durkhiem
defined. He found that people believed in collectiveness, community,
humanity and shared beliefs. An example is as such of ‘Americanism’
and the ‘promised land’ and...

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