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Religion Assessment Analysis Of The Rituals Of Christmas And Its Meaning

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Christmas is an event on the 25th of December that is celebrated throughout the world because it is said to be that Jesus was born on this day. The bible never states the exact date of when Jesus was born however they’re could be a slight possibility that it is on the 25th of December. It was only in the 1800’s that people really began to celebrate Christmas. The original event of Christmas began when Jesus was born. Many facts of the original event of Christmas (when Jesus was born) has been recorded into the holy bible or have been past down from ancestry. It is stated from the bible that Joseph and the 3 wise men was given the opportunity to see Mary give birth to the new born king, Jesus. The event of Christmas has been remembered throughout history because of its religious significance and importance to all Christians who believe in Jesus, who gave his life for the sake of ours.
Social:Although the true meaning of Christmas has been slightly altered through commercialism, Christmas still plays an important role in the reconciliation of family and friends. People often come together to celebrate the event at houses to share meals and exchange gifts as well as doing activities that are recreational. Christmas plays a role in everyone’s life in every year even if the role is small. Christmas is mainly seen as a holiday for a time to take a break from work and celebrate the birth of Jesus and the life he has sacrificed for us. The importance this ritual has upon my family and me are significant. Although it may not be to others, Christmas is a time for my family to celebrate and enjoy the day off with excellent Chinese cuisine and other recreational activities.
Cultural:Australians celebrate this ritual by having a public holiday for Christmas allowing workers in Australia to celebrate Christmas with family and friends. Different family’s have different rituals for Christmas. The more common rituals used throughout Australia is the good old BBQ in the backyard with friends and family. Because of the usual warm temperature in Australia adults usually prefer to go party and drink whereas others may prefer to stay home and watch television. There have only been some adaption's from the original event of Christmas, which includes singing, communicating to each other, family, friends and helping the homeless. Australia as a country has made this ritual a very significant holiday for everyone. Australia has shown this through its Christmas spirit with carols, lighting and decorations.
Symbolic:There have been many symbolic uses throughout the event of Christmas, many in which have been devised through commercialism. Some examples of these include:Dove - for the sign of peaceThe Star - marks the place where the Christ Child lay. Candy cane - made by a Christian confectioner as a reminder of the Shepherd’s staff. They were red and white - red for the bloodshed by Jesus Christ, white for His purity. Symbols that have been referred back to the...

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