Religion Assessment Task Two: Christianity & Judaism

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CHRISTIANITY: CORE ETHICAL TEACHINGSEthics are the practical applications of belief.Help maintain and support Christian relationships.The Ten CommandmentsTen Commandments (the Decalogue) were a covenant between God and his people. Given to Moses and the Israelites when they were in the desert searching for the Promised Land (Exodus 20:2-14; Deuteronomy 5:6-21).First two commandments state the importance of worshipping God and God alone. The third commandment, relating to the importance of observing the Sabbath and keeping it sacred for God. The remaining seven commandments present the guidelines for human interaction and how human beings should teach each other.Evident in Jesus' Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), element of New Testament ethical teaching.In the Old Testament is a critical source of ethical guidance for Christians.It is a summary of Christian ethics and emphasise the importance of human life.Found in (Exodus 20:1-17)"You shall not commit adultery" which means faithfulness to people you have relationships with.Outline the principal ethical teachings in the Ten Commandments.It summarises how the Jews were expected to live their life and obedient to the will of God.Commandments 1 to 4 relates to humanity and God, commandments 5 to 10 are about how we treat ourselves and each other.Describe the importance of ethical teachings in the Ten Commandments in the life of adherents.The teachings of Jesus were based on the laws of Judaism.Christian ethics uses the basic Jewish law from God as a fundamental guide to ethical behaviour.The Ten Commandments are described in Exodus 20:4 and Deuteronomy 5:7, were a set of instructions given to Moses by God on Mount Sinai in the desert wilderness. While the Israelites had been freed by God, they had not followed the law of God and had reverted to immoral behaviour and no longer worshipping God. As the Israelites travelled to the Promised Land, God gave them these ethical commandments to maintain their focus.New Testament EthicsBeatitudesProvide a model or template for Christian life, contrasting the dominant culture.Step to bring reign of God into society by following Beatitudes.Provide a model for Christian life as they promote values which are regarded as having no value according to dominant culture which are celebrated as the reign of God.Guidelines for today's Christians as to how they should behave.In (Matthew 5:1-12)"Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven" which means fighting for what is right.Matthew 5:2-12 & Luke 6:20-26 the Sermon on the Plain describes a life directed towards holiness.Outline the principal ethical teachings in the Beatitudes.Beatitudes were taught by Jesus and used as a basic list of positive character traits and behaviours.He began to teach them. He said 'Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.... persecuted the...


Christianity Judaism Sermon on the mount World religion

1491 words - 6 pages I think that "The Sermon on the Mount" is ethically and biblically significant. I also think that it is very important in portraying insight into the teaching of the moral teaching of the man Jesus from the Christianity religion. I also think that the purpose of The Sermon on the Mount by Jesus was meant to tell people how to interact and love one another. I also think threw these teaching it was meant to help bring peace, harmony, and unite

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2140 words - 9 pages people not identifying with any religion* Church Attendance in all faiths as a result of age and religionChristian DenominationsGraph 2: Religious Identification as a percentage of total Australian populationThe major trend when referring to Christian denominations is the strong decline in membership percentages of the Australian population. Christianity reached the height of its popularity (during the period 1947- 2001) in 1954 at 89.5% . At this

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551 words - 2 pages 'Christians believe that wealth is something which can be used for good or evil, and so, in itself, is not a bad thing. Christians can only gain money in lawful and moral ways and when they have wealth, it is a gift from God not theirs alone. Many biblical teachings show that if you have the wrong attitude to money, wealth can lead you away from God.' (Religion and Life, Victor W Watton, pg 99)When Christians say that money should not be gained

Understanding the Relation Between Judaism and Christianity

935 words - 4 pages the Jewish people simultaneously. The Jews did not differentiate the Jews and Jewish Christians. In the beginning, Christianity was considered to be one of the sects of the Judaism. The gentiles were the first to initiate the religion as a separate entity from the Jewish nation. Historically and theologically, it is a known fact that Jesus was born in a Jewish family and until his adulthood he was accustomed to Jewish culture and tradition. The

Comparison between Judaism and Christianity

920 words - 4 pages because they do not have the basis that is provided by Judaism. Both Christianity and Judaism believe in the existence of heaven and hell. Both religion follow the same ethical code and believe that God had the same plan for salving the fallen race. The two religions also preach of the sinfulness of the humankind and, its consequences and the righteous judgment of God (Avery-Peck & Neusner 2009). Nevertheless, despite the fact that Christianity

How Christianity And Judaism Are Alike And Different!

368 words - 2 pages Judaism and Christianity are two of the many religions of the world. Both of these religions can be found in the Middle East. Although they are very similar, they also differ in many ways.People who believe in the Jewish religion are called Jews. Jews believe that the Messiah is yet to come. In the world there are about 13 million Jewish followers. Jews go to a synagogue to worship their 'Messiah.' They also read the Torah, which is their Holy

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888 words - 4 pages numerous similarities. Jesus, Abraham, Moses, and Muhammad play very important parts in the formation of these religions. These principal figures play different roles depending on the religion. For example, Jesus is the son of God and he is divine in Christianity, but in Islam he is a prophet but he is not divine. Islam, Christianity and Judaism are very alike in countless ways, and they are somewhat different from each other.

Differences and Similarities, Components of Two Major Religions

929 words - 4 pages Judaism and Christianity are two of the many religions of the world. Both of these religions can be found throughout every country in the world. They share many similarities and differences.People who are followers of Judaism are called Jews. There are four different divisions in Judaism. The divisions of Judaism are: Orthodox Judaism, Reformed Judaism, Conservative Judaism, and Secular Judaism. All four of these sects are unified together in

Christianity and Judaism

624 words - 2 pages Christianity and Judaism Christianity is founded on the life and teachings of Jesus, a first century C.E. Jew. Christianity became an independent religion as it spread beyond its Palestinian borders. However, since during its first few decades, it was a sect within Judaism, there must be a relationship of Judaism to Christianity. In the "independent religion", two elements of its doctrine are essentially Jewish. First, Jesus is the

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1721 words - 7 pages PAGE PAGE 8 Judaism A View of JudaismLaura GabbardWestern International UniversityHUM 127 Religions of the WorldJohn PapazafiropoulosApril 21, 2006A View of JudaismJudaism is a monotheistic religion like Christianity and Islam. For most people that is all they know of it. There is a long tradition to this ritualistic religion. Its' originator is Abraham, again like Christianity and Islam. Today, as it was nearly from the beginning, all three


601 words - 3 pages for people to follow the religion but not be restricted by the strict prayer, clothing, and dietary guidelines (Bank 18). Conservative Judaism was a moderate balance between the strict orthodox beliefs and the extremely liberal reformist beliefs (“Conservative Judaism” 1). Conservative Judaism was created by Zacharias Frankel as a healthy combination of the two. He kept the traditions and values of the orthodox’s but left room for modern ideas and change (“Conservative Judaism” 1).

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980 words - 4 pages and will likely carry on for many generations. Christianity is the biggest religion in the world. It is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, who have lived in the Holy Land. He had died for the sins of everyone and for over 2,000 years, christians has been worshipping ever since. Originally from Judaism, Christianity has been just a small religion and was seen as a pariah by others. But their teachings and beliefs built a bond and eventually

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1978 words - 8 pages these questions and much more. The purpose of this paper is to take a deeper look into two of the three dominate religions within the Western cultures that have spread to the rest of the world. To compare, contrast, and reflect upon the religions of Judaism and Christianity. How do they affect the lives of the believers and societies under these religions? How do the seven dimensions of religion apply to each of the religions? What all these two

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2895 words - 12 pages confusing nature of Christ and the many problems it presents in Christianity as a belief structure has led to the development of a passion for theological debate in Christianity, which is constantly dissecting and reinterpreting their belief system, as we shall see. Because Christianity evolved, in a sense, from Judaism, Christians had no set distinctive system of thought towards religion and thus found it hard to "list" their beliefs apart from Judaism