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Religion Comparison: Judaism And Christianity Essay

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Religion has been taught as a set of beliefs that relates to the forces of nature, a cause, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a deity and/or associates. It would often contain a moral pull to themselves and onto others and creates the goodness they believe in and what they think what is right and what is wrong. Whatever the religion they worship, many of them strongly believes on their beliefs and their ties would become so powerful, it could give hope to many, or be seen as a controlling cult. In their own way, they are their own utopia and society like the books, "The Giver" and "Fahrenheit 451." Though not all, the worshippers believe the other is ...view middle of the document...

They have many traditions that they have performed since the beginning, such as their rites of passage and their holidays. Even after enduring many criticisms, having no rights, and even the tragic events to those who were part of the Holocaust, which is similar to the book, "The Giver," on how powerful and controlling a mighty force was and could kill anyone with no second thought, in which the Jews were killed when they were believed to be taking showers, or in this case, the main protagonist learned his father killed an infant with no remorse for the community and learns the true meaning of releasing someone (150). The Jews show to be proud of their religion and will likely carry on for many generations.
Christianity is the biggest religion in the world. It is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, who have lived in the Holy Land. He had died for the sins of everyone and for over 2,000 years, christians has been worshipping ever since. Originally from Judaism, Christianity has been just a small religion and was seen as a pariah by others. But their teachings and beliefs built a bond and eventually powerful enough as an empire, christianity served to be the light and hope. It had brought joy and kindness to people, especially the holidays and their teachings. They would give their thanks by attending to churches, performing good deeds, and spreading their faith to all.
Islam began in Arabia and those who follow Islam are known as Muslims. Muslims believe that there is only one divine deity. In their tongue, its Allah; God. Islam has been a ever growing religion and been placed behind Christianity on being the biggest religion in the world. They have traditions, art, rites and...

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