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Religion Essay

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In society and culture, leadership has the paradigm of a great and powerful person, who makes change in a miraculous and unconventional way. Since the beginning of time, people have completed heroic acts against evil and sin, but in many cases it is those who have the lesser appearance and humble disposition who have established the greatest acts of heroism. In the Bible, the Israelites and Hebrews waited for God to send a high and mighty king to save them from the oppression of the Roman government, but instead they were blessed with a little baby boy, born of poor parents who grew up to be a carpenter, yet won over death giving all humanity the opportunity to save the most important aspect of life; their soul. Leaders are always are depicted as government officials or society’s finest, but it is more important to treasure and follow a leader whose life you can duplicate because of their character, because their life pushes you to be better and elevates you to be a better person. Jesus Christ not only is the greatest leader of the church, but has the greatest life for society and humanity to pursue.
The distinguishing factor of a person who has power contrary to an individual, who has a purpose to lead, is the intent for their position as a leader. God knew that He would have to send Jesus to save mankind from sin. God reveals to Isaiah that he will send a Savior (Jesus Christ); When the people cry to the Lord for help against those who oppress them, he will send them a savior who will rescue them (Isaiah 19:20). Jesus did not try to gain many followers or become the most popular man in Israel, but instead He wanted to change the life of every person he encountered with or without gratitude or anything in return. It is common in today’s society for people to become engrossed in the idea that having followers in social media shows the status and popularity of life but Jesus exhibits the characteristics of a man who has the confidence to focus on himself leaving the possibility for others to judge Him without taking their opinions and assumptions to heart. Individuality is a key trait of a leader, because a leader’s thoughts should not be about self or personal gain, but for the benefit of others and Jesus shows this in his everyday life. It is important not to follow the “status quo” or conform to what others believe just to fit in or be appreciated. Jesus is the example and model that all Christians and Churches should try and model their lives after, because Jesus shows how it is okay to be without these characteristics that Jesus showed, many of the basic teachings of the church would be non-existent. The focus of Jesus’ teachings was to go against the old Hebrew tradition, striving to start a new way of worship and intimacy with God. Despite how great His intentions were, they were not received well, but Jesus never let that stop him from following through the purpose that God had for Him.
While it is important to have a...

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