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Religion From A Hinduism Perspective Essay

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Religion from a Hinduism Perspective

Religion in many areas and aspects is probably a topic as commonly discussed as weather is, on a global scale. Regardless of where a person may live, the culture they are in will discuss it and ultimately be influenced by it. Within these cultures are families with their own religious history, which very well might be the main contributor of religious continuity. "For it is evident that in some ninety-nine per cent of cases the religion which an individual professes and to which he or she adheres depends upon the accidents of birth." A person born in India, who has parents that are Hindu, along with a large majority of the population, is more than likely to become or remain a Hindu. That can be similar in a matter of many different situations, be it through Buddhism, Christianity, and so on, but likely most prevalent in Hinduism. People have a history of following their parents and societies ideals.
Within the wide dimensions of religion there are specific and important aspects for each individual who chooses their own institution and tradition. Those individuals are influenced by many factors that fall within their surrounding life. Along with family there are other influences which can include friends, culture, society, fads, spouses, etc. But what is probably the most significant other than family, is the common desire or acceptance of trying to understand the ultimate questions (or mysteries) of life.
Like many great questions there includes a complexity to answering the essence of the question. The question "what is religion?" is by no means easy to decipher. It can take on meaning and significance differently for each individual. He, who proclaims a faith, defines religion presumably far differently, than he who is dissatisfied with religion. Internally, each individual may derive motive, passion, desire, commitment or a sense of duty towards one's chosen belief. Even within those impulses, there are different perspectives for why a person becomes religious. With religion being such a diverse and complicated issue it tends to be interpreted and approached on many different levels. Consequently it is difficult to completely define religion from one perspective. It would be easier to describe or characterize some of its history and practices, and why they are relevant. Hinduism has a diverse background and has been philosophized in many and numerous ways, through those many point of views it can further be described infinitely.
Hinduism in itself is a vast denomination especially for a religion that pretty much confines itself within India. This religious institution, by shear numbers and diversity of the communities, varies with the beliefs and practices of each individual, who will profess to be Hindu. In fact the term "Hinduism", originated in the west, and is not the name of one whole tradition. Instead it is a diverse group of Indian religions that collectively have a...

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