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Religious teachings often begin with the ideals of finding inner peace, or aiding those in need, yet, over the centuries, these religions have merely become a means of facilitating the ambitions and desires of those who are in power. Many faiths disguise and warp themselves in a way that sets reality aback, and makes individual existence seem all the less valuable. Over millennia, scriptures have been modified countless times, becoming form-fitted duplicates that vary according to the era, or to whatever purpose such an alteration might serve. Recently (relatively speaking), the addition of the media has served as a method of promotion and persuasion, ranging all the way from trivial, street-side advertising to mass conversions and the attempting of subtle, influencing techniques. Worst of all, innumerable lives have come to a horrifying and ghastly end simply because of conflicting beliefs... and there is no end in sight. Religion, as it has developed, has become harmful, and, contrary to its original purpose, a terrible burden to society.All religions, no matter who believes in them or where they originated, are convinced that they are the primary source of all correct thought and righteous action. It is widely known that, no matter who is preaching to you, they are telling you that what they believe is the truth. The fact is that all religions began as word of mouth or a generalized belief. These have been put into writing, rewritten, translated, outdated and rewritten once again. Its not likely that everything in such scriptures should be taken as the absolute truth, with no room for compromise or alternative. Believably, thousands of facts that could clarify a topic were lost in the process of doing exactly that. Such views of absolute and total engagement with the scriptures will mask the true meaning of the religion as a whole, and will deter the logical reasoning and thought processes incurred by reasonable doubt. Reality can no longer function in a place where there is no independent thought, and that is why so many people are misinterpreting their religion, and taking it far to literally. Errors in judgment, occurring over millennia, have resulted in terrible consequences to both believers and non-believers. When religion provides such simple answers to the most complex questions, it even demotes the research into and further development of our society as a whole. Without such answers we will remain primal and inadequate, and our evolution may grind to a halt.Many religions are becoming wide-spread epidemics, as they are opening their arms and gathering those who would otherwise run astray. The culture in which one develops will (with some exceptions) solely determine one's religion and, overall, their moral code and beliefs. When outside influences begin to affect these cultures, people begin to question themselves and all that they believe. This is what the media, the missionaries, and even local societies are developing into: a...

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