Religion In Everyday Life Essay

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Religion is a very important part of life. There are many types of religion practice. Religion guide believers' lives and allow them to develop hope. Spiritually has a profound affect on your everyday life. The Koran is the book that is used by the Muslims, as is the Bible used by the Christians. No matter what book you use you are all believers of God. If you believe in God anything is possible. Spiritually has a profound effect on everyday life. People who believe in God are spiritually empowered and miracles are developed through belief.

The Koran is a guideline for the Muslim faith. There are many aspects of there belief which are also in the Christian faith. In the Koran there are many issues which are addressed. The Koran contains the following Suras, "From 4. Women, 12. Joseph, and 19. Mary. Every issue addresses the miraculous work of God. In Suras 4, the issues of women are address and it also focuses on the property of the deceased. In every scenario the Koran lays out how the property of the deceased should be divided. It also addresses having relations with your relative. The Koran teaches that God is all powerful and the he will forgive you for your transgression. In everyday life this issue is addressed and families fall out about the deceases possessions and who should get what. That also includes who will get the wife. The Koran also teaches that if you wait until death is staring you in your face to repent that you will not be forgiven. God is all powerful and people should be aware of their actions and understand that God is watching at all time.

In Suras 12. Joseph, is betrayed by his brothers. His brothers are upset and jealous that their father shows Joseph more attention and leaves him to be picked up by merchants. Before he was disserted, he had confronted his father about visions that he was having and was told that the Lord will explain everything to him. He was picked up by merchants and was sold to a king. The king's wife tried to seduce him, but he yielded not unto temptation. He was known to everyone as the seer and when his brothers came for an understanding of a vision he sent them back to get their other brother. In the end he was reunited with his family and the Lord had told him what his visions meant.

In Suras 19. Mary, Mary's husband prayed to God for a son. He informs God that he is old and Mary is barren. Mary goes to the East and a messenger comes to her and tells her that she will be given a child. She asked how and she's still a virgin. God made it happen because he is all powerful and controls all. That is spiritual empowerment. I don't believe that if Jacob and Mary were unbelievers that any of this would have happen. Even though Mary was scorned she kept her faith in God and she and Jacob did everything that God directed them to do.

Suras 55. Merciful, 62. Friday, or Day for Congregation, 71. Noah, and 76. Man focuses on the Lord and all of his wonderful works....

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