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Religion is everywhere, even if we don’t notice it. Some common elements of religion include group activities, morals, actions, and rituals. It may not seem like it, but those factors in religion are involved in our everyday life, including mine. After learning more about religion, I am starting to realize how much it actually affects me daily.
When it comes to group activities, I tend to get involved in them at school. Every now and then one of my professors assign me into a group in order to do a project or presentation. The same goes for sports. If I’m ever playing soccer, I am put into a team so I can participate in a game. When it comes to people in a religion, they tend to participate in some group activities as well. This can involve things like mass, retreats, and holiday celebrations. So, even though I am not participating in groups activities that have anything to do with spiritual or sacredness, I am still partaking in similar situations.
Next, I will discuss morals. Everyone has a set of morals that they live by. In my opinion, morals are one of the key factors that define the type of person you are. I live my morals, as they are my guide to living a happy life. Some of them include family always being first, treat others as you wish to be treated, and no matter how difficult things may seem there is always a solution to every problem. Every day, I try to be a good person. Every time I got to the game-room, after my classes are done, there always seems to be someone bullying someone else because of a video game. I play this game called Brawl, which is basically a fighting game, and some people aren’t good at the game, and those people that are skilled at it tend to pick on the others. I notice that every now and then some of the less-skilled players tend to get angry or upset by the words the others say, but no one really seems to notice, either that or they don’t see it as a dilemma. When that starts to happen, I usually attempt my own little brand of justice. There is a rule that the gamers abide by which is the players that obtained fourth and third place in the fight must drop out of the game in order to let new people play. Since I too am skilled at the game, I attempt to eliminate the people that have been harassing the other players. When I am successful, every now and then I hear someone say “thank goodness”, “it serves you right”, or “finally.” After that, the other gamers go back to playing in peace, and I get to enjoy playing as well. I do this because, for starters, I don’t want to confront the harassers verbally because I feel like that may lead to more problems. I also do it because if I was the one being abused verbally, I might let the harasser get to me which could lead to me leaving the game-room, if it ever got too harsh. That being said, I don’t want anyone to leave the game-room because it’s supposed to be a place to relax, and have fun, not to find even more stress and problems.
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