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Religion In Public School Essay

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Religion and schools has been a controversial topic for many years. Schools first began for religious reason, and now schools and religion are two topics set apart. Schools once taught scripture in the Bible, had curriculum and textbooks based on religion, yet now religion is a touchy subject within the school setting.

Today, the First Amendment grants the freedom of religion. Within these rights, there are two clauses: Establishment Clause and Free Exercise Clause. The two clauses open up the controversial discussion on whether religions in public schools favor separation or free expression. The Establishment Clause is a clause with the goal of keeping religions and the state completely ...view middle of the document...

If a team wants to pray before a game, and no one a part of the team has an issue with the prayer, why is it not okay for the players to freely exercise their beliefs? The argument may be that it is not fair to any minority who may feel pressured into listening to the prayer. My misinterpretation would then be, why are students who do not believe in evolution forced to study the material and test over something their religious beliefs do not believe in?

Though I do believe religions are being forced out of schools, I do understand the need for the Establishment Clause. I agree that religions should not disrupt any school time. I also agree that religious beliefs should not be forced upon anyone. Holding religious events at school during the school day which could cause a disruption in any way is also something that should not happen. I like the fact that religious beliefs cannot be expressed when the acts may be discriminatory. Though this seems like a limitation on free expression, discriminatory acts against anyone are against moral conduct codes within school districts in the United States.

Change to the amount of religion in schools began changing over sixty years ago. Over time, it has resulted in all teachers, administrators and even some students to become hesitant in expressing their beliefs while in a school setting. I believe that it has come too far considering such impact has been made on those who would like to express their religious values. If a teacher wants to put a Bible verse on the wall, something of encouragement or wisdom, a teacher should have no issue doing so. As a teacher and coach of multiple sports, I have not had a season where my team or organization was not in favor of prayer before an event. I...

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