Religion In The Fictional Town Of Cold Sassy

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Throughout centuries, humans have expressed different perspectives toward a single idea. The subject of religion invites challenging discussions from skeptical minds because religion is diversely interpreted based on personal faith. The authoress sets her novel in a fictional town, Cold Sassy, where religion plays a predominant role in people’s lives. Through Will Tweedy’s narration she explores the religious opinions of the town’s most prominent citizen Rucker Blakeslee, Will’s grandpa. Although Blakeslee spent his whole life in a religiously conservative town, he has a radical approach toward religious concepts such as predestination, suicide, funerals, faith, and God’s will, thus forcing him to challenge the traditional views of organized religion.
Granted that according to Will, the Southern Presbyterians believe that “what is to be is to be,” this belief on predestination becomes evident when Cretia and Looly, a covey of Presbyterian ladies, visit Will after his survival in the train- trestle incident and begin to express their predestination, saying that God spared Will because it was not his time to die, and it was God’s will that this boy should be alive. This expression makes Will puzzle with a question: is he alive because of God’s will? When he puts forth this question to his Grandpa, Rucker Blakeslee, Rucker replies Will that God gave him a brain that he could use wisely; therefore, he lied down betwixt the tracks to save himself. Eager to know more about predestination and God’s will, Will further asks his Grandpa whether it was God’s will that Bluford Jackson should die of Tetanus. On hearing Will’s question, Rucker explains that Bluford’s carelessness while bursting crackers was not God’s fault in anyway because God did not manufacture firecrackers. Since people recuperate many times from their sickness and die only once in life, Rucker believes that God destined humans to live to eternity, but not on this earth because the creator does not want humans to overcrowd with the other living creatures on earth. Only to avoid overcrowding on earth, God sets a time for death for all humans not on individual basis but general.
Doubtlessly, Rucker’s opinion about faith differs from the traditional society of Cold Sassy. Grandpa knew that “faith [was] no magic wand or money back gar’ntee” Faith to Grandpa meant not worrying throughout the day and knowing that God is always with you in good and bad times, regardless of the situations you are in. In others words, to him faith was respecting life as it is. when Jesus ask and you shall receive Grandpa Blakeslee believed that Jesus’ promise that people will receive what they ask God meant that he guaranteed providing for people’s spiritual needs, but not...

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