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" Religion On The Frontier" By Goren.

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Could you imagine inaccurately believing that your father, the man you have admired your whole life dislikes you? Although Cory tried to runaway from his past that didn't help since he had to go back forgive, and achieve moral reconciliation. According to Fay Weldon a happy ending is achieved through moral development such as a spiritual reassessment or moral reconciliation. In the play Fences by August Wilson I acknowledge that this happy ending can be applied to Cory. Although he's in constant conflict with Troy his attitude changes for the best at the end. This is seen through; Corys conflicts with Troy, how Cory finally forgives Troy, and how this fits into a universal level.Cory is a young teenager who as a result, tends to be one-sided on his views and not attempt in seeing things from another perspective. This is a trait that Troy also shares therefore, since they are unable to make compatible decisions they are in constant conflict. This conflict can be seen with football which is something that Cory desires while Troy sees it as something that could destroy his life. "the white man ain't gonna let you get nowhere...I got sense enough not to let my boy get hurt over playing no sports,"(p.35) When Troy says this it supports the idea that he is not making this decision malevolently to deny Cory what he wants yet that it is done with the intention of keeping Cory from suffering what he himself went through. The clash between the two deepens when Cory asks if Troy likes him. Contrary to what we would expect from a father Troy says, "who the hell say I got to like you...fill you belly up with food cause its my duty to take care of you...not cause I like you"(37/38). The point Troy wanted to get out was that him liking Cory wasn't his only motive for taking care of him; it was also spurred by his belief that it is his duty. Sadly, Cory only understands that his father takes care of him because it is his responsibility, and doesn't know that it is out of love. This type of misunderstanding continues throughout the play between Cory and Troy which wedges them further apart until Cory is kicked out of the house.It isn't until the last scene that Cory is able to forgive Troy for what happened between them. Cory's resentment can be seen when he says, "mama... im not going to papa's funeral...papa was like a shadow that followed you everywhere"(96). Regardless of the time...

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