Religion On The Internet Essay

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Religion on the Internet

Religion can be a very controversial topic. There are so many different types of religion and different people who practice and believe in these religions. Some people don’t believe in any, some have their own, some have one, but don’t practice it, and some people even have multiple religions. Religion is not a topic you bring up while having a cup of coffee with some friends, unless you are all of the same religion. Usually discussing different religions it causes nothing but problems and arguments. There is even a country music song that is titled, "Politics, Religion, and Her." The singer goes on in the song to say how he never likes to discuss any of these three topics with anyone and how they only cause problems. When you type "Religion" into Net Search on the Internet, you find there are over 300,000 matches to that search.
Obviously, religion is all over the internet. The World Wide Web allows people to get their opinions out to millions of Internet surfers. Some sites offer on-line help to religious practitioners with questions about their particular religion. Other sites are just plain fact giving information and explaining a particular type of religion. Then there are sites that try to lure you into joining their religion, and even some cults that are trying to gain new, vulnerable members. With the different ways that they present these sites, it is very easy to get caught up in them and possibly even join. The way they present them to the viewer doesn’t make them seem bad or not even close to being a cult. The sites on factual and on-line religion services don’t seem to be a problem, and I will discuss their presence on the web later on in this paper. I would now like to talk about the issues raised by the different cult sites that are located on the world wide web.

"The scariest thing about scientology is the subtle, imperceptible, yet totally encompassing mindset I had for the fourteen years I was under its influence. The cult "teaches" a person how to know with certainty, so those who ascribe to its world-view exist in a completely different reality than the rest of society."(alt.religion.scientology) This is the starting paragraph for the site titled, "Cult Think" which talks about how a cult brainwashes a person into their beliefs. As it is stated above these people are living in a totally fake world in which their beliefs totally conflict with the norms of society. Hopefully people will read this site before reading one of the cult sites that try to suck in vulnerable viewers. People are so vulnerable and ready to believe anything that they get pulled right into them.

For example, the University of Queensland had a site on some cult information. "No, none of my family members have been in cults, but I started one. I pulled a two week long mystical experience, started to tell others about it and within a month had about twenty people who were trying to tell me that I was jesus’s second...

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