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Religion Vs. Morality Essay

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To be moral simply means to do what is right; however, doing what is right is easier said than done. Perhaps if one was a child, one would, to the best of their abilities, follow what his parents demand of him, this would constitute them as doing what is right. Now let us say that the child is an orphan, or does not believe what his parents say is right, should following them still be considered moral, or is it even up to him to decide? Perhaps the child has evolved past parenting all together and therefore needs no more guidance. Defining what is considered moral has now become much more complex. Sam Harris presents the same basic argument of morality in his book Letter to a Christian Nation, by applying it not to a child and his parents, but to society and religion. He says that yes, at point society needed God, like a child needs a parent, to tell them what is wrong and right, but he believes that society has moved past such trivial needs. Harris holds that humanity is capable of determining on means other than an invisible silent God. He claims that in order to move forward religion, of all forms, need to be abolished; he, however, is very mistaken when he makes the assumption that Atheism is indeed not a religion. The claim that religion and morality cannot coexist is ludicrous, and by examining the various aspects of morality and religion using logic and intelligent argument, one may clearly see that Harris’ claims are as shallow beneath as they appear on the surface.
If Harris’ claim about religion and morality are true, then there can be no morality in the world at all since everyone has some sort of religion. Harris attempts to find neutral ground for himself by saying that atheists hold no religion at all, and that they are in fact the evolution of humanity, making moral decisions both logical and sound; however, he greatly mistaken. While atheists do not believe in God, it does not mean that they do not serve a god and religion. Capitalism, at least in America, is everyone’s religion. It is served each and every day as millions make the pilgrimage to work, to gain the capacities to tithe into the economy by following the ever present sermon of buy, buy, buy. The sermon is far greater than any religion of God, for it is sought out daily by various means such as the television, radio, and advertisements on clothes that society themselves perpetuate. Martin Luther once stated that “one’s religion is whatever one is willing to sacrifice his children for is his religion and God”. Millions are being sacrificed by their economies today; workers are working 12 hour days for less than 2 dollars. Governments are doing all in their powers to keep unions from forming all in the name of capitalism. Therefore if Harris’ argument is that only morality can be accomplished by atheism, and there is no true form of Atheism, then there can be no true form of morality(religion of the market 67-70).
Harris also groups all Christians into one huge...

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