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This is the deepest spiritual religion which penetrates on a person’s inner self. It makes you get in touch with your inner self, makes you find yourself which makes you become sensitive and have strong emotions towards certain things. Their population is over 370 million. Their adherents seek to fulfill Buddha, their gods dream to pursue their religion in a different state of mind. They also believe that their god Buddha can always fix anything for them. And nothing will be permanently damage.
They worship and communicate spiritually, practice, build spiritual ethics, and they meditate with each other. They believe in superstition myths that their lives will never end, they believe in after life reincarnation and as long as they worship Buddha their life is endless. Their faith in worship is tilakhana and there are three signs of reality. The reason they believe that their life is endless is because they continue to get reincarnated continuously because they continue to suffer throughout their lives. It is only temporary indeed they will suffer all their lives.
The Buddha
Buddha is their main god who they praise and worship. Buddhism is an old story of a spiritual man who enlighten peoples world and teach them his way of life and how to build and learn from it. He was born into royalty by his mother and father over 2000 years ago. He lived as a king in a castle until his departure from his parents as an old man and became a monk after coming to a road block facing hardship and indigence in his life.
He wasn’t too happy with his self, so he went on to a life, that he had a bed of roses and with facing hardship in his life. He believed that after sitting under a traditional tree, known as the tree of awakening. He started to become attached with his inner feelings and finding his self meditating and starting to look back and reminisce about all that he had faced throughout his life before he became a monk and following the path of enlighten. He came from facing hardship to following the anointing and became their god, known as the chosen one.
There are three signs of existence in Buddhism called the tilkhana. Life is endless because their continuously getting reincarnated to start over their life after facing hardship throughout their lives. It is almost impossible because no matter what state you’re in the hardship will never last for long.
The realms of Buddhism
They have six areas that a soul can be reincarnated and be born again. Heaven, the habitat of their gods, it is an area of excitement followed by long-lived kings. The areas of humanity were humans suffer, this is considered the most fortunate state because humans have the greatest chance of enlightenment. The titans or in other words angry gods, those are warlord kings who are at the mercy of angry impulses. Hungry ghosts they are unhappy human beings who are bound to the human existence, unable to leave because of particularly strong attached. They are unable to satisfy...

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