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Religions And Cult Worship Essay

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The mystery religions are very old and at least in the ancient time, were got from two major sources. The first of it was from the Egyptian mythology on the god of Osiris, his spouse, known as the goddess Isis along with their child called the god Horus. The subsequent sources were from the Greek mythology on the goddesses known as Demeter and Persephone. Both of the traditions concerned a god or goddess who passed away either symbolically or actually, however was resurrected in some way. Both of the religions involved series of birth, death as well as reincarnation in nature especially, the seasons. Although a direct link between them is hard to find, both of the traditions may have ...view middle of the document...

For instance: the mendicant, hermitic and monastic movements. The cause for Christianity’s triumph is both clear and simple: it is politics. It happened that Christianity turned out to be popular among the social elites of the eastern imperial cities, in particular places like Antioch, Carthage, Alexandria, Nicaea and many others.
These cities were able to endure the instability of the initial three centuries of the Kingdom. Roman emperors, starting with Emperor Constantine required support of the cities in the Eastern region, for the empire to work. So, in 313 Constantine accepted Christianity, so it was safe practice Christianity. Later on, Emperors included even more favors to this young religion. Once the Christians had the Imperial favor, they started to ruthlessly wipe out all the other religions. This simply means the Christians were doing what was done to them for close to three centuries. They forced conversions and demolished monuments as well as texts that were holy to other religions. Because of this, along with mystery religions’ personal intrinsic secrecy, there is little to continue, in attempting to learn more on them. This is very unfortunate, as we are aware that the mystery religion had hereditary millennia of belief. This loss to humankind is immeasurable.
The Greek religion was so difficult that all though it ran a tendency to counter the public, communal worship: the mystery cult. It is just the...

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