Religions Vs. Philosophies; Similarities, Differences And Importance

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In the old stone age, the eldest male of the group was the leader. He was looked up to. That man set an example for all to follow, and their lives were set up as he wanted them. In the late BC times, groups started forming following the nomadic times, with a leader and specific ways of life. They took these to a higher level, forming religions and philosophies which are still used today.Religion plays a big part in peoples lives these days, as in the past. Religions that are big are Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism. Philosophies aren't as significant as religions, but Buddhism is growing by the day. Each religion has certain morals to live by, like the nomads did long ago. Christians and Jews follow the 10 Commandments. These 10 rules are a basis for how to live your life. If one breaks a rule, a sin has been committed. If a Christian or Jew didn't follow the 10 commandments, they would have a life full of sin. Hindus believe that there is a force named Brahman. Each thing in the world has a piece of Brahman inside of it. Buddhists believe in the 4 Noble Truths, which will lead you to a good life; this includes the 8-Fold Path which is also to be followed. When a Buddhist follows the 4 Noble Truths, they will try to be a good person and their life will be greatly affected.Religions and philosophies have many different beliefs. They especially believe in different things when it comes to goals and final resting places. Hindus want to rejoin their atman (piece of Brahman) with Brahman. This is called moksha and can only be reached if ones dharma and karma are fulfilled. While...

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