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Religious Accommodation In The Workplace Liberty University Outline

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Introduction: As a group effort, we will provide specific guidance to help with the efforts of accommodating religious expressions in the workplace.
Religious discrimination in the workplace transpires when persons are treated unfavorably because of their religious beliefs. The employees at all levels of the organization have a responsibility to accommodate religious expression and ensure fairness to all employees. The law is nondiscriminatory and endeavors to be fair all people with sincere ethical and moral values as well as forbids discrimination in any form of employment like firing, job assignments, layoff, fringe benefits, hiring, pay, promotions and training. It is also illegal to harass individuals because of their religion (Cash & Gray, 2000). To that end organizational leadership plays a significant role in protecting religious freedom, protecting workers from discrimination, and endorsing harmony among all religious affiliations within the organization. (Weller, 2006). This creates a conducive environment for employees from the divergent religious background. The Title VII forbids workplace or job segregation based on religion. The civil societies have also championed accommodation of religious beliefs in the workplace by working with government, private and public organization to develop policies that advocate for freedom of religion. As a result, many business entities has made some adjustments like flexible scheduling, job reassignments, voluntary substitutions and modification to practices and policies in the workplace to improve religious accommodation (Green, 2003).

Duty of Reasonable Accommodation (Kyle)
Organizations have an ethical and legal duty to reasonably accommodate religious expression in the workplace. Employers face the complex issue of protecting the organization’s interests and productivity while also ensuring the welfare and rights of the employees that work for them. The largest issue employers may face is hardship that may arise when accommodating various religious expression. When accommodating religious expression, employers may find that the steps required to adequately accommodate one or several employees may have reduced productivity. Despite any inconveniences, employers are required to accommodate religious expression under law if the extent to provide accommodation does not exceed a threshold of strain put on the business. All organizations must abide to the law; however, authorization is given to select organizations to alter the religious accommodation laws if the laws interrupt the mission of the company. One can observe, “Thus, Title VII authorizes religious organizations and schools to use religious preferences - preferences that would otherwise be discriminatory in the employment process” (Gregory, 2010, p. 142). Religious institutions are the only institutions that can “control” religious expression as they may choose to follow one religion and desire their staff to abide by...

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