Religious Experience Essay

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Religious Experience

There are various interpretations of the definite meaning of a
religious experience, where each are unique and different.

There have been many, many stores put forward by certain individuals
who have claimed to have such an experience. Various people have
studied them, and have come to the conclusion that in most cases, very
similar subjects are brought up in them.

Some say that a religious experience involves having some sort of
contact with God. For example, it has come to our awareness that
people over the years have ‘heard the voice of God’. It is usually
described as a ‘mental event’ which is undergone by someone, and to
which they are conscience about it all.

A religious experience can also be described as ‘spur-of-the-moment’
situations that come completely out of the blue. These situations
could be the result of months, perhaps many years, of praying and
showing devotion and great loyalty to God.

Usually, when people talk about there experiences, they speak mainly
about the fact that an extremely special and sacred bond has developed
between themselves and God, which has allowed them to become closer

There is also a big difference between genuine religious experiences
and fictional ones. For example, real experiences tend to be hopeful
and heartening. They try and help the individual to live an enhanced
life and to get the best out of it. Religious experiences normally
puts the message across that to have an improved lifestyle, the main
way to achieve this is to help others.

Most experiences usually last only minutes, to perhaps a couple of
hours. However the information gained and the knowledge obtained is
massive, in comparison to its actual duration. It is similar to
dreaming in a way. One could dream about something in a few minutes,
when realistically it would take hours, or the other way round.
However, unlike dreams, religious experiences are remembered by
individuals for the rest of their lives due to the impact and effects
of them. This process is called transciency.

A variety of famous scholars have come to the conclusion that whilst
going through an experience of religions importance, the person
involved is most likely to lose complete control over themselves
because of the bigger force around then, called God. The effects could
be a personality disorder, where the characteristics of an individual
are completely wiped out and changed due to the astounding effects of
the religious experience that the person went through.

As stated previously, there are different forms of religious
experiences. Firstly, most experiences are said to have been
‘mystical’. By this I mean that the individual feels closer and more
united with the Divine as a result. The Divine means a absolute
perfect being that has...

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