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WHAT IS RELIGION?What is religion? It is vital to know that, before we make any insight into religious fundamentalism. It is an answer, rather, a ray of hope. People don't think they can do much. They asign all worldly responsibilities to God. God, they think, will help them out of all their problems. God will control all their systems. In fact, God is responsible for all their systems - political, social and the like. These are all best left to God. God is steering the ship, and we are lowly subordinates, and we can't control the ship.In fact, all the terrorism that's taking place in the world today by religious extremists, especially arabs, stems from dissapointment in the political system. The remedy, according to them is putting the highest authority (God) in charge of the political system. Much of the hate against the US is because of globalisation etc., not against secularism or christians as the media would have us believe. Otherewise, instead of the WTC towers, the entire Vatican would be destroyed.Of course, they will then, have to please (and keep pleased) God. This is done by (seemingly) different ways in various religions (or schools of thought). But in all of these, the methods have found their way in the systems. There has to be a certain way to deal with the problems to be dealt with in these systems, such that God will remain pleased. So, when you come to look at it, if a religion fails to involve itself in these systems, it has itself failed. Take, for exapmle, Buddhism. The Hinayanist sect of Buddhism, which preaches to abstain oneself from all material possesions and to concentrate mainly on the self, has simply vanished. Why? Because it totally seperated the follower from the systems. Now, when a person's existance is governed by these systems, well, how can such a religion (as Hinayanism) survive at all?All the successful religions teach the existance of a supreme, universal spirit (God). God's will is final and infallible. This is why they succeed. God is the highest power, so I won't interfere. Leave it all to God. He'll do a better job. But Hinayanism was an atheitic religion (it did not belive in God). So it died out. Simple reason would have a person belive that people don't want a God, as a God would bind them into chains of rules, which would diminish their individuality, and their freedom. But people are willing to give all that away. Why? It's because religions concern themselves with things unknown to humans. They will of course, be afraid of the unknown, and the explanation that they accept, they adhere to. So, they want a God, to secure their life in the 'unknown'. And since none of these explanations have been scientifically proved yet, no person can convince another person that their current relgion is wrong and their own is right. But they themselves (of course) believe that their religion is right, and are ready to fight for that (to secure their life in the unknown). This 'unknown' generally deals with...

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