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7RELIGIOUS IMPLICIT AND EXPLICIT ATTITUDES #1Paper #1: Religious Implicit and Explicit AttitudesNameCollege1Running head: RELIGIOUS IMPLICIT AND EXPLICIT ATTITUDES #1AbstractThis paper will explain how you can have different explicit feelings and implicit feelings about religion. The Implicit Attitude Test (IAT) that my family took online measured on a subconscious level whether you had a preference for a certain religion. My participants (my family) showed almost no preference to any of the four religions, along with post test questions that expanded on the IAT's results. This paper will look into, and try to understand why my family believe the things they believe. Paper #1: Religious Implicit and Explicit AttitudesThe purpose of this assignment is to test implicit stereotypes (IS) towards religion. Which cannot be controlled because they deal with subconscious feelings. The IAT that my family took online was called the Religion IAT. What these results showed, and what post test questions to the participants expanded on, was the fact that my family had great doubts about religion as a whole. This paper will look into, and try to understand why my family members believe as they do.IS has a number of functions, and one can have them about any subject. An IS can influence certain behaviors toward others; for example, if one has an IS about a certain religion one might be prone to avoid people who practice that religion. If one has an IS about a person because of their race one might decide to avoid them if one can. The thing about IS that people don't know, is that he/she might have them, and that he/she could be unintentionally doing something that he/she explicitly do not believe. For example, if a person sees a Muslim in an airport, he/she know that the possibility that they could be a terrorist is extremely low; However, their implicit stereotype for that person might cause them to avoid he/she.My family and I took the Religion IAT, which covered four different religions, and showed us what implicit stereotypes one might have for them. The test was conducted by having its participants click "I" or "E" on their keyboard and the participant was told to hit the "I" key for anything that they thought was "GOOD" and the "E" key for anything else. After you completed the test you were directed to a results page that showed a graph. The graph was a straight vertical line that had on the top, "High Preference" and on the bottom, "Low Preference" and, on the right side of the graph the four religions that you were tested on. Wherever those four religions were placed on that line, those were your results. My participants and I had nearly the same results across the board. The graph showed all of the religions in the middle of the graph for me and each of my participants. The graphs differed only slightly with one religion being slightly higher or lower than the others.My first participant , (appendix A) was slightly shocked by his results. However, he...

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