Religious Impulses And The Wheel Of Life In Buddhism Hrt3 M1 Assignment

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The wheel of life
This assignment really helped me and made me reflect about my life decision and realize all the good and bad around me it really made me think about the aspects of my life and who and what influences me the most in good and bad ways. In the first circle of things I want to change and based on the Buddhist teachings that we need to be more self-disciplined. I need to not be procrastinating, eating healthier and taking care of my body and being more responsible with spending money. The second circle of the good and evil things that influence me I really gave it a deep thought because I needed to look at where I am right now and what influenced me. What really impacted me is the love of my friends and family and the influence of religion in my life. For the evil influences I displayed them in a dark color to showcase the negative impact that it has. In order for me to make the dream circle I had to look at my short term goals and expand them into the future to set my...

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