Religious Influence And State Law Essay

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A major problem in our government right now is the influence that religion has over government laws in the states and the country. Government and religion must always be separate due to the fact that there are multiple religions in the United States and that religious influence favors one over the other and influences laws that can be placed over the people. A major issue of religion and state is same-sex marriage which due to religious rules mainly form Christianity, forbids the act and the influence Christianity has on the States is evident to why it is illegal in more than 50% of the states in America. Another issue is the dealing with Abortion though government rules that this is legal religions tell the people that this is wrong and illegal which are another example of religion attempting to influence government decisions. The religious influence in Government can be eliminated by disallowing the teachings of a religion to directly affect a religious preference or law, to differentiate between religious marriage and state recognized marriage, and to make sure that religious influence does not affect the choosing of government candidates.
Religious influence has always been part of the American Government since the beginning. Even in the earliest history of the creation of our Government with the Declaration of Independence God is mentioned in the first paragraph. Though religion over the past two centuries has proven to be an influence on the United States government the influence has a relatively good standing. Religious influence in State and law has been a medium in the beginning of the governmental system but still set influence. The influence though pertained to the religion and idealism of the individuals carrying it out and contained good and negative effects for the country. A good example is that religion or for example Christianity is used as a moral fiber or a moral compass in concerns to laws and decisions made by the government. A bad or negative example is when religious influences law to take away rights of people like in the marriage of inequality and going against the anti discrimination laws as Douglas NeJaime quotes “demonstrates the continued influence of antidiscrimination law’s constrained approach to sexual orientation” (NeJaime 44). Religious influence on State has major impacts on the people of the Country and even though there is religious freedom there should be a limit on what religion can do in terms to State and Law. One way that this can be achieved is by having government and state officials sign a legal document that requires those in office to take a pledge to not involve religious ideals and religious preferences into State decisions.
A major issue with religious influence is same-sex marriage in states. It is understood that most religions take Christianity for example do not except same-sex marriage as it goes against the teaching of their church. The State however is not bound by such laws so there is...

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