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Between 300 BCE and 100 BCE were a myriad of religious and political views within the Chinese and Japanese cultures. From 300 CE and 300 BCE was the Yayoi revolution. Coming after the Yayoi Revolution was inevitably the Tomb Culture, 300 CE to 680 CE. The Chinese civilization of 680 CE and about 850 CE gave more change in Nara and Early Heian Japan. Later the introduction of Buddhism to the Japanese culture also played a heavy and powerful role as did the court government.
The Yayoi Revolution is defined as the occupation of lands by northeast Asian peoples migrating down into the Korean peninsula and Japan. The Yayoi were differentiated from the Jomon in appearance, understanding of modernized technology, as well as language. Compared to other eastern civilizations the Yayoi’s agricultural skill was of primitive level and villages were seen to be built around fields and farms. Archaeologists that have dug and investigated lands of the Yayoi have discovered bronze tools and arrowheads as main tools of work.
Following the Yayoi culture was the coming of the Tomb Culture, identified by the building of large tombs in the area. Built large and fashioned with decorations of what was to believe as prized possessions of one would desired were these tombs. Prior to this time tombs were filled with more jewelry and accessory category items, now they were filled with items of warrior swords, armor, and weaponry. The shift of influence in the culture is apparent in this timeline with what is buried with the dead.
Shinto era likely arrived in Japan when the Yayoi culture was starting. The pre-modern Japan was employed of religious figures, shamans, and professionals in the work of deities. It was widely believed that these individuals had the power to manipulate natures powers and be in contact with the unseen and deities. Each...

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