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In Saving Grace, religion plays a massive role in the novel and it affects a vast majority of the main characters. Religion is the main push factor in the novel that gets the plot moving in many scenarios, and even when it isn’t at the forefront of the plot, it is always an underlying theme. Grace and her father are both greatly affected by religion, as is the rest of their family, though Grace and Virgil are the two that truly show the ties with religion.
To begin with, religion is the driving force that spurs the novel along. The entire Grace family is deeply buried in religion, even if they might not be the best at truly showing it. Grace Shepherd herself, for example, believes herself ...view middle of the document...

Along with this, he was said to have eleven children by three different women, with every possibility of there potentially being more. It becomes even worse when he claims that his abuse and neglect of his family is all part of God’s will, showing how corrupt he truly is. However, despite his corruption, credit must be given as he does manage to reach people and help save them, even if he is not the most innocent of people. Even though he was truly a horrible person by all accounts, he still acted as a vassal for the Lord to conduct his miracles.
Religion is a constant presence throughout the story for Grace as well as her father. Throughout the story, Grace struggles with the question of what she truly believes. She questions her early life, her sexuality, her morals, her religion and even more. However, her religion is the one she questions most often, and for good reasons no less. As her father was a preacher, although a deplorable one by all accounts, she grew up heavily influenced by religion. Yet, despite the fact that she was surround by religion all her life, it was not necessarily good for her. The neglect and abuse she and her family often received from her father caused her views on religion to plummet, as she began to feel bitter against Jesus for making them travel and work with him. She even stated in the novel that in her early years, she often felt hatred towards Jesus. Over time, two of Grace’s siblings rebel against the teachings of her father and his religion in order to seek medical aid for a third sibling, to “rescue” that child. Later, Grace...

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