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Religious Key Words Essay

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Monasticism was a way of life in the early church for those seeking a closer relationship with god, an example of monasticism was the life of St. Ignatius who went in monasticism in pursuit of a closer relationship with God. These individuals turned away from a worldly life style and its pleasures to gain a closer relationship with God in solitude. There were some that were willing to sacrifice their life and become martyrs, and others went into isolation and denied themselves pleasures of this life. Their faith grew to the extent that they not were willing to give up their affiliation with the church in order to pursue a relationship closer to God. As we study church history we find that Martin Luther was a former monk, German priest, and he abandoned this monastic way of life under the coercer of the Catholic Church, and out of his teachings was birthed the protestant movement.
Martin Luther- Was born 1483 and died 1546. Depending on the belief system that one aligned their faith with, would categorize Luther as a preacher preaching the truth of the word of God, or a traitor of the Catholic Church. He had been labeled both due to the fact that Luther was a monk/German priest/theologian, and he was responsible for starting the reformation. The results of his teaching is still being practiced today, due to his teachings the Lutheran Church was born.
Martin Luther was considered a renegade by the Catholic Church because of his belief and non-compliance to the Catholic Church. He believed and taught that salvation could not be purchased, and that salvation was a gift from God. The only way to be saved was to believe in and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. This is the belief of most protestant churches today. He was told by the Catholic Church not to preach or teach this doctrine. This did not deter him and he continued to dispute the Indulgence sellers. The Indulgence sellers earned money for themselves and the Catholic Church by selling the people indulgence; this was basically a form of salvation or forgiveness of sins. This was a very profitable business for them. After being warned Martin Luther continued to refuse to submit to their doctrine. He was excommunicated from the Catholic Church. He continued to teach and preach that salvation was a gift from God and could not be earned or purchased. Luther would eventually get married and this set the standard for priest in the protestant denomination to get marry.
Jonathan Edwards – Edwards was born in 1703 and died in 1758 he was a supporter of The Great Awakening. He supported the reformation movement. Edwards was a Calvinist and he believed that people should experience conviction of their sin and receive God’s forgiveness. When the people became emotional during these sermons he was accused by people that were against the Awakening movement of appealing to their emotions. They felt the outburst of emotions had replaced the need for the people to study the bible and have...

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