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Religious Theme Essay

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“Goblin Market” is a poem that has had many critics. Some say it’s a children’s story however, others say that it is an adult literature that has an argument for feminist politics. I believe this poem interprets Christina’s strong Christian beliefs and her work with the fallen women. Rossetti was a devoted Christian who governed herself with strict religious principles. She gave up a whole lot to pursue her faith. Because of her strong religious views, Rossetti spent ten years volunteering at a penitentiary for fallen women where she helped rehabilitate prostitutes. Rossetti wrote this poem to show the dangers of prostitution in the 18th century. Also, as a tribute for the women that she has ...view middle of the document...

Next, Lizzie resembles Jesus Christ from the bible. Temptation is what links these two characters. Both Lizzie and Jesus are pure and avoid temptation. In the book of Matthew from the Bible, Jesus avoids temptation while travelling forty days and forty nights through the wilderness. Similarly, Lizzie avoids temptation when confronted by the goblin men with their tasteful fruits. Lizzie “thrust a dimpled finger in each ear, shut eyes and ran.” Jesus and Lizzie avoid temptation in order to protect the ones they love: Jesus protected God’s Children and Lizzie protected her sister. Jesus was willing to die on a cross to save the children of God from torment. Likewise, Lizzie risked her life to save her sister. She approached the Goblin men, and in doing so, she was attacked by them. Lizzie went through great lengths to protect her sister, however, in the end, she succeeded. Unfortunately, both Jesus and Lizzie watch their loved ones submit to temptation. Jesus saw his fellow brothers and sisters give in to the devil and Lizzie saw her ill sister grasping for life because of her succumbing to the temptation. Rossetti was very clear on who resembles Jesus in the poem.
Finally, many women who had sexual relations before marriage or were prostitutes were sent to a penitentiary for women. It is a sin for anyone to have sex before marriage. Rossetti wanted to show readers her thoughts on prostitution. Rossetti spent ten years working with and helping prostitutes. These women were lured into prostitution by harmless men who turn out to be monsters; monsters that rape, hoax and abuse. In “Goblin Market”, the goblin men represent the men who lured women into prostitution. Disease and illness caused many prostitutes to die from this dangerous lifestyle. Likewise,...

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