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Religious Themes Within The Film The Matrix. Film Directed By The Wachowski Brothers

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religious themes within the film The MatrixWithin the 1999 sci-fi blockbuster movie of the year The Matrix directed by The Wachowski Brothers, it is evidently shown that religious themes are portrayed. Christianity is seen as the central theme although; other religious customs play an immense role revealing a prestigious amount of footage. Non-religious themes also contribute and appeal to the effectiveness of the film. The basic plot of the movie is about a computer hacker who learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against the controllers of it.Christianity is the main theme that revolves around the film. The fact that Mr. Anderson (formally known as Neo) is viewed as the messiah primarily reveals strong similarities between him and Jesus. The prediction of Jesus and Neo's coming and freeing of the human race was prophesied by god in relation to Jesus and the Oracle in connection to Neo. In a way these prophecies came true, Jesus opening the doors of heaven and freeing the world from sin and Neo who destroys Agent Smith, a senteen program who is the enemy that moves in and out of programs within The Matrix. These two liberators also have strong connections with betrayal. Jesus and Neo were both betrayed by a person who they thought was loyal and trustworthy. This all erupted when Judas (one of the 12 disciples) gave out confidential information about the whereabouts of Jesus, which in the end led Jesus to his death on the cross. This point is proven in the New Testament of the catholic bible. Matthew 26:14 -16 is when Judas agrees to betray Jesus and in Matthew 26:47 -50 is when Jesus is arrested.When Judas agrees to betray Jesus he goes to the Chief Priest and asks, "what are you willing to give me if I hand you over the Son of God?" so they counted out 30 silver coins and waited for the opportunity when they would go and collect Jesus.Cyphar portrayed Morphious and Neo in exactly the same way. He went to Agent Smith and asked what his profit would be if he gave over Morphious and Neo. Smith answered, "Anything you pleased" so they planned the opportunity for when Cyphar would lead them to Agent Smith.The legend of when Jesus gets arrested begins when Judas arrives with a crowd armed with swords and clubs, sent from the Chief Priests and the elders of the people. Judas had arranged a signal with them: "the one I kiss is the one you want to arrest." So when Jesus came outside, Judas went over and kissed him, he was instantly arrested.Although this wasn't the same process as in The Matrix the concept is the same. It is revealed in the scene where dejavue (feeling like something's happened before) occurs and suddenly they are all on the run. With nowhere to go they have no choice but to hide in the walls of a run-down bathroom. Deliberately Cyphar coughs and gives them up, handing Morphious over to Agent Smith. This scene principally presents the betrayal of Cyphar. Another concept in relation to...

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