Religous Experience Essay

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As a child, I thought church was something you did on Sunday. I use to attend all the time with my grandparents. If I was good all through church, I would get a treat after church. When I turned twelve, my family moved out from my grandparent's house and that is when I stopped attending church. I didn't even think twice about it. In my early teens, I loved to party and just to have fun. I just didn't care too much about my future and I dropped out of school. At age sixteen had gotten pregnant and that is when my whole life turned around. I was having a baby. I was bringing an innocent child in this world that I would have to set an example for. I prayed a lot those nine months. I had a lot of decisions to make. One morning, I just felt like I knew what I had to do. I went back to school and graduated when I was nine-months pregnant. March 24, 2002, I had my son. He was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I new then I had to do right by him in ever aspect. His face made me want to work harder to become something more, something he could be proud of. It was about three days after I had my son when I found out that he was mostly blind and had four heart defects: I was devastated. For the first part of his life we were in and out of the hospital, I didn't have any money. I had to work full-time as a nurse's aide, graveyard shift, three weeks after I had him. I payed a lot then too. Fast forward, twenty-one months later, my son is well and...

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2926 words - 12 pages Baal worshiper, and as such, was spiritually unfaithful. Whether she was ever physically unfaithful was not important.           3. Gomer was a virgin when Hosea married her, but she became unfaithful after marriage. Later, when he looked back upon the experience, he realized that she already had such tendencies when he married her.           4. The

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2932 words - 12 pages a Baal worshiper,and assuch, was spiritually unfaithful. Whether she was ever physically unfaithful was not important.3. Gomer was a virgin when Hosea married her, but she became unfaithful aftermarriage.Later, when he looked back upon the experience, he realized that she already had suchtendencieswhen he married her.4. The whole story is an allegory, which had no relationship to Gomer's morals(Hosea1:2). (p. 195)Wood (1975) states, "The name of

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3272 words - 13 pages different when growing up. It felt like my body was waaaay to big for my confidence and all I wanted to do was to disappear and so eating very little became my survival strategy. I absolutely hated being tall, different and clumsy (and to be honest I still feel this way sometimes). However, as of the last year or so I have come so much closer to accept who I am. I'm not religous, but I believe I was handed this challenge on earth for a reason

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