Rem Sleep Has Been Found Throughout The Dreaming Process

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Research has found that REM sleep has evolved to become part of the dreaming process otherwise known as REM sleep-dreaming. Sleep with electroencephalographic evidence of the brain shows that a human’s brain is awake during sleep because involuntary eye movement occurs. This occurs during the dreaming consciousness every human possesses which is part of the secondary consciousness every human has. There is also non-REM sleep which is sleep that occurs without the rapid eye movement. The importance of REM sleep and dreaming has been studied for many years and has gradually become more informative. REM sleep is important for a human because it allows for developmental brain growth which ...view middle of the document...

Although these studies have provided researchers with much information towards the different activations that occur in the brain during dreaming it has been inconclusive in proving which theory is scientifically correct because all humans are different when they dream and the technology that has been used can not fully read the temporal resolutions that the brain indicts. (Hori, 2008)
People are not fully aware of what REM stands for and why it occurs. REM is known as rapid eye movement and on the other note NREM is known as non rapid eye movement. These terms will be used quite often through this paper. In studies REM was characterized by the dreamer’s voluntary scanning of images in dreams. Offenkrantz and Wolpert, two scientists known for their research in dreams, found that REM was definitely a part of dreams in the many studies that they conducted. They used electrooculographic data also known as EOG. During their studies no rapid eye movements were recorded during REM sleep and no images in a dream were found. This was inconclusive from the point of the scanning hypothesis because the scanning process suggests that the scanning of images in a dream was voluntary by the dreamer. They also came to the conclusion that the...

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