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Each reader if effected differently by the texts they have the opportunities to study and to each the most influential authors and texts will vary. Throughout the study of the school year and the many texts represented in the curriculum several can be seen as exemplar texts which have made an important and lasting impact on society and literature. In consideration of this fact, five texts stand above the rest including The Iliad, Plato’s Republic, Beowulf, Paradise Lost, and A Modest Proposal. Each text influenced the world after it was written and continues to be taught in great detail, separating it from texts of lesser importance. The emphasis of these texts throughout the curriculum is ...view middle of the document...

The Iliad has become one of the greatest and most known stories, even if many cannot connect the story line to its original title, it has impacted the world by creating a type of expectation from readers of epic tales.
Plato’s Republic can be considered the most important and influential title to be studied throughout the entire curriculum. Plato uses his memory and adds his own contexts of his teacher Socrates to express his own thoughts and opinions in a manner that seemed to be another’s words. The most important aspect of this text can be found in the seventh book when the allegory of the cave is given to be considered. Plato is depicting what he believes would become the perfect society and this allegory is his way of describing how the world must be viewed and the ignorant taught of the more important things beyond those which are only temporary. He introduces the idea of forms and their importance, both the physical and metaphysical meaning some things, such as the beauty of one’s body, are only temporary while when one body ages another takes its place. The beauty of the world never dies but the outside beauty of the body will not last forever. This is Plato’s way of suggesting to people that they must appreciate the things that truly matter and not those that are only temporary. This idea returns again during the romantic movement when the writers call for a return to nature and those things which last longer then the temporary time period of life. Thus the impact of the Republic can be seen throughout the ages of time and even today.
Beowulf is yet another exemplar text which was studied over the course of the school year which marked the beginning of the anglo-saxon time period and story telling. Beowulf is the story of a man who decides to aid others without being called upon to do so. He will kill the monsters that pelage a civilization yet he will do so because he feels it is his duty to aid others because he is capable of doing so. Like Achilles, Beowulf is a character of great strength and confidence yet he differs from the hero of the Iliad because of his sense of duty to aid others. He understands that great reward can come of what he is doing yet he feels he must aid others in any way he can because of the ability he has to do so. This text began to further craft the heroes of our day into a finer shape by giving them more distinct qualities and the feeling of duty to help people when they are incapable of doing so themselves.
Paradise Lost by John Milton is a text that is very different from the others previously mentioned get he is able to develop his poem through incredible references to the vast amount of study he subjected himself to. The poem is the story, told more from the perspective of Satan and what he saw, heard, and felt when he was thrown from heaven and when he tempted Even...

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