Remarkable Potential Of Stem Cell Research Essay

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Remarkable Potential of Stem-Cell ResearchThe new controversial topic of today's society is Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Until recently, moral issues of states and countries haven't allowed research to develop deeply into dept. Within the last ten years though, scientists have made tremendous leaps of progress in finding out concrete facts about the potential of stem cell research. Now just imagine a cure to Alzheimer’s disease or juvenile diabetes. Envision treatments for heart disease, cancer, and spinal cord injuries. These are some potential benefits of human stem cell research if further research is continued. New ways of conducting stem cell research have made the healing and repairing treatment for many diverse functions. Stem cell research is an important venue of study that could lead to imperative medical breakthroughs. Many people believe stem-cell research is unethical but it is actually a benefit to mankind and a doorway to the continuation of life because soon scientists will be able to cure numerous diseases.But what is Embryonic Stem Cell Research one might ask? It is the research of “undifferentiated cells that have the ability to form any adult cell that could potentially provide an unlimited source of specific cells such as bone, muscle, liver or blood cells (NIH).” Stem cells also possess the ability to renew themselves for long periods through cell division. They are found in embryos during their first few days of development, in fetal tissue, and more rarely, in some adult organs. Specifically, embryonic stem cells are derived from embryos that develop from eggs that have been fertilized in an in vitro fertilization clinic-and then donated for research purposes. They are not derived from eggs fertilized in a woman’s body. Scientists work with both embryonic and adult stem cells, but embryonic stem cells are the more promising because they are “pluripotent(George Bush 1),” meaning that they have the potential to differentiate into tissue of almost any organ of the human body. Adult stem cells, on the other hand, are merely “multipotent (Wikipedia 3)” meaning that they generate the tissue from which they were extracted from, and many tissues cannot be derived from adult stem cells.” This is why stem cells are so important and why scientists think that they can find cures for diseases through stem cell research.Stem cells have potential in many different areas of health and medical research. To start with, studying stem cells will help us to understand how they transform into an array of specialized cells that make us what we are. Some of the most serious medical conditions, such as cancer and birth defects, are due to problems that occur somewhere in this process. A better understanding of normal cell development will allow scientist to understand and perhaps correct the errors that cause these medical conditions.Another potential use of stem cells is making cells and tissues for...

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