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Remedy To Immoralities That Are Part Of Society Today

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It is undeniable that the computer and Internet play and important role in our daily lives. Today, many issues have been raised regarding the decline in morality and the pornification of culture. These issues have become a serious problem around the world and it leaves a big impact on many people regardless of their age, culture and religion. Muslims and non-Muslims are concerned on what the future brings if actions are not taken to decrease these bad influences that are getting more influential especially to the youths. Morality issues mainly come from the mass media such as music videos, movies, video games, magazines also social networks. Some believe that this new ‘culture’ cannot be stopped. However; there are actions that can be taken to reduce it to the minimum in order for the current and future generation to lead a good and healthy lifestyle.
Back in the days, alcohol and drugs are considered as taboo in the society either in the East or the West. In Britain today, many teenagers are involved in binge drinking at an early age. They would semiconsciously walk around the streets late at night and some were picked up by the “booze bus” to be sent to the hospital to keep them out of trouble (Binge Drinking, 2012). Other immoralities such as drug abuse and pre-marital sex have become a major concern to many people including the government. The immoralities portrayed by teenagers today can affect the number of skilled workers and economic status of the country.
Malaysia, a Muslim majority country, is also facing the same problem. Drugs and alcohol are consumed in an unrestrained manner and drug dealers are getting more inventive in transporting drugs in and out of the country (Four Arrested, Drugs Worth RM2m , 2013). Many teenagers are absorbed into such immoralities until taboo cultures are becoming their new culture.
Another taboo culture that is now common in many societies is the sexual influenced outfits promoted in popular garments stores. Popular children’s garments today are too revealing and inappropriate to be worn in public. Some shirts are printed with explicit messages while pants are getting shorter and tighter. Children, on the other hand, find these fashions fashionable and trendy because their friends and childhood celebrities such as Miley Cyrus are wearing them. Many people especially parents find it complex to raise a children in today’s world especially with these sexual influences (Trendy but Modest, 2013). Some parents are also worried on how their childhood idols are giving bad influences to their children through their performances, music videos and movies (Appalling Face to Pop Culture, 2013). The mass media play an important role in shaping the pop culture but with the large amount of explicit content in them, it is no surprise that people from all cultural backgrounds have similar concern about the elements of pornography in children’s fashion.
Apart from that, porn addiction among teenagers is becoming an...

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