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“War should never be entered upon until every agency of peace has failed” (President William McKinley) On April 25,1898 the United States declared war on Spain based on the assumptions that they sank a U.S Battleship named, “U.S.S Maine.” This resulted in the U.S taking initiative, and fighting a war for as short as four months to make peace with this horror. Public controversy drove this initial conflict into a full fledged war that we now refer to as the Spanish-American war. One begs to ask, how did this war begin, what events took place during this war, and also what was the resolution of this confrontation?
This war began because on February 15th, 1898, the U.S.S Maine sank on the Coast of Havana, Cuba; killing 266 men. (Cite) Consciously the American public seemed it to be fit to be the work of Spanish Rule, even though later analysis showed it to be technical problems. Yellow Journalism influenced this by exaggerating and bringing to life over and over this tragic event. These types of writers, with the names of William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer, used this type of writing to push the opinions of many Americans to become pro-war. By doing this they enraged the people to give the government no other option except to wage war against the Spanish. With pressure consuming the United States, they did just this. The goal was to end Spanish rule in Cuba.
Now the war begins, two days after waging war, Commodore George Dewey travels from a British-controlled port in Hong Kong to Cavite Harbor. (p43
) This first battle takes place on May 1st, the battle of Manila Bay. (p43). In this battle the Spanish lost significantly to the United States power. The navel power of the U.S was actually weaker than the Spanish, but with the Americans catching the Spanish off guard in the middle of the night made them much stronger. They sank every Spanish ship without losing a single man. They had to battle seven warships, and with the commanding of Dewey they did just that. They killed 167 Spanish soldiers and left 214 wounded. With this the cost was short, only mild damage to American ships and seven American soldiers wounded. The risk of this battle was actually unbelievable. Rumors had spread that the harbor had been heavily mined with explosives near the entrance. Dewey doubted this because of how strong the current were in the area. He took the risk of his belief that it wasn’t possible. Nonetheless, the reward for this was that Spain no longer had an eastern fleet.

With the naval support doing its job the land support needed to follow. The soldiers were outnumber at the time and needed volunteers to help stabilize the numbers for the Americans. With this idea the First United States Volunteer Cavalry was born. It was made up of 1,250 volunteers to assist in the war efforts in the Spanish-American war. These volunteer cavalry were soon later known as The Rough Riders. Although many seem to think Theodore...

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