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Remembering Auschwitz Essay

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In 1940 the world saw the beginning of something terrible, that terrible thing lasted until 1945. That terrible thing is called the Holocaust, and big parts of it happened in Auschwitz. Sadly more genocide has occurred since then, even though the world has seen the horrors of the Holocaust. That is a sign, a sign that the world must remember. The world needs to be reminded of Auschwitz so that such a place may never exist again. The only way that this is possible is to embark on a journey to find out the size and purpose of Auschwitz and also what happened to it. This is the way that it must be, or the world is lost, and it may already be lost. But there is hope.
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So with people there then it was a concentration camp as well. So what exactly is a labor camp anyways? Well some labor camps made parts for the Nazi’s planes and U-boats. But other camps made rubber and fuels. Some of the concentration camps also held prisoners of war, and in some parts of Auschwitz it was a place for the German troops to be housed. So it is obvious that Auschwitz had an immense amount of purposes. But most people do not know that the sub camp Birkenau was one of the only death camps in Auschwitz. Why is that? The world may never know. But what the world does know is that millions of people lost their lives to Hitler’s anti-Semitism, and hatred for other races as well. Some people may argue that Hitler believed what he was doing was for the good of his country. But if you think that then please, explain how executing over six million people can benefit a country. The silence is enough alone to prove that what Hitler did was not right.
Since so much is now known about Auschwitz the question is raised, what even happened to Auschwitz? So being the cowards they were, the Germans bombed at least half of the camps out there. Parts of Auschwitz included. In fact Monowitz one of the main sub camps was completely destroyed when Hitler heard that the Americans were coming. But some parts survived and now those parts have become a museum, there are now many museums dedicated to the Holocaust. Such as the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. So with Birkenau a museum, and Monowitz destroyed. What happened to the other main part of Auschwitz that was known as Oswiecim? That is quite a magnificent question. Sadly there is not a decent answer. It may have been destroyed or it may be a museum. But what is known is that it is no longer in use, fortunately because if it was then World War Two would most likely still be raging on at the moment, and that would be the real catastrophe. But back on the subject of Monowitz, how was it really even destroyed? To answer that question Monowitz was bombed when Hitler discovered that the red army and the...

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