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Remind Me 4 Essay

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Walking towards the odd man holding a sign with my name, I prayed her worked for my aunt. Otherwise I was following a complete stranger, who could be a serial killer. Well, Diana, You have to grow up sometime. Whats the chance of him being a serial killer, if no one knows you in London? You've lived in California you whole life.

Now I'm talking to myself... For a long time I was my only friend. So naturally, I started to have conversations with myself. Now I'm moving across the world to live with an Aunt I don't even know, who will probably make me stop this nonsense.

I'm only 16. I shouldn't have to do this kind of thing. This is for adults.
Not teenage girls who don't even know who ...view middle of the document...

I gave him two bags, and kept two in my hand.
So she didn't make him dress in a monkey suit. Who knows, the woman might be the sweetest woman in the world. I smiled for real this time, and watched as the guys bright green eyes lit up, and a dimple appeared in his cheek.


"Please just call me Diana. You make me feel old calling Me Miss. If I'm not mistaken, were the same age British Boy." He Chuckled, a deep rumbly sound. Almost exactly like my dad...
"Well Diana, since were on first name basis now, I'm Harry. My mother told me to pick you up, Carry your bags, and act very formal... How Am I doing Milady?"
His. *Mother*? This guy is my cousin? Well... I've never had a cousin before. At least not nice ones like this guy...

A loud laugh erupts from deep inside me, and I pat the guys shoulder.
"Very Well Sir, I feel so _very_ fancy." As we walked through the doors of the station I was blasted with cold air, that smelled like rain. Gathering my coat closer, I inhaled the scent.
I love the smell of rain.
He set down the bags, and dug a key chain out of his pocket, pointing it at random cars then clicking, until he finally found the right one....

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