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How To Have A Successful Intervention

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The most viable way to demonstrate the effects of an intervention is by conducting an experiment that is randomized and controlled. In order to evaluate the impact of this intervention, one must be able to ensure that the change in the target population is brought on by the intervention itself and not by external forces. Forces such as threats to internal validity can dilute the impact of the intervention and thus need to be controlled as best as possible. Attempting to control factors such as research environment threats (e.g., expectancy effects), between-cases threats (e.g., treatment contamination), and longitudinal threats (e.g., history) will need to be considered in order to strengthen the potential causal claims of the given intervention. Thus, designing an experiment that minimizes bias and aims at controlling potential threats to validity is an ideal method to approach. Although a truly randomized field experiment would yield the most robust results, it is often not feasible to conduct one. Therefore, a quasi-experiment design will be utilized to conduct the following study using a relatively common substitute for randomization known as systematic assignment. This procedure can accomplish the same end as randomization as long as the allocated order does not result in bias. In this quasi-experiment, we will be evaluating the impact of a medication adherence program via systematic assignment within the designated target population group.

The following study will take place at Bubba’s Medicine Shop located in Opelika, Alabama and will be aimed at assessing the impact of their current prescription refill reminder program. The program’s ultimate focus is to increase compliance in patients taking disease-specific medications for hypertension (HTN), hyperlipidemia (HLD), and/or type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). The target population for this study are patients who are taking medications for one or more of these three disease states, but have been deemed non-adherent by failing to refill and pick-up their medication(s) for a period of at least 21 days past their refill date. In order to identify the target population, a pharmacy technician (Christin) prints out a list of all patients who are 21 days past due on their refill/pick-up and then manually selects the patients who fit the remaining target population criteria. These patients are then called throughout the given week and reminded to refill their medication(s). Although some patients might be taking medications for one or more of the disease states, the late refills are grouped per patient and the technician reminds the patient of all the outstanding medications that need to be refilled (asking for permission to refill). The patient will then either accept or reject the prescription to be refilled and the technician will document accordingly. The accessible population is patients who actually communicate with the technician, by either answering the reminder calls or by calling back...

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