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Remote Control: How To Raise A Media Skeptic

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In David Nlyon's opinion, TV is a sewer that if you make it like an addictive, you could never left it easily. A professor of Media and the American studies at the university of Michigan, Susan Duglas; accepts that watching TV can be exhibition to condition.However Susan Duglas believes dissimilar Nlyon's that children need to learn to estimate what they see and hear on TV and she wants parents to have enough boldness through the misshaped images and values.In her daily life, although she can stand TV, sometimes she can complain because she has difficulties to shove her kid in front of the TV. They say white lies to their kid! Also she knows that by learning about TV and growing up with it, ...view middle of the document...

Even during their favorite TV show, there is a brief change of pace in the story line when a commercial comes on, which is about every seven minutes. Their attention spans are being molded by this continuous interruption, causing them to loose focus easily. Research has shown that teachers today are using many more multimedia devices to capture the student's attention. Being so used to seeing information provided by the TV, they are more responsive to learning with it in school, and are more likely to remember it. Many links are showing up in studies between Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and watching too much television in elementary children. This disorder is becoming more common in the classroom, where they have a hard time concentrating.Along with losing creativity and gaining impatience, the child is more apt to behave violently. They can slowly learn as it is played repeatedly, that they can get what they want by responding with violence. When they see a character shot, or beat someone up so they can steal their car, they may catch on to the idea. They come to expect it in the real world, and when they do not see it, the world becomes bland. The children then may create the violence that their mind craves. A child may also see a villain on TV,...


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