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Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing



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Despite extensive scientific study and operational use over a quarter of a century and through four separate White House administrations, few Americans know the true story of the remote viewing as it was studied and used by tax-supported government agencies, including the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the United States Army. Begun as an experimental response to psychic research that was being conducted behind the Iron Curtain in the 1960s, the use of secret remote viewing by both the East and the West may have helped end the Cold War. Remote viewing of distant planets has been verified by NASA space missions, and it may have explained the mysterious loss of both the Soviet Phobos II in 1989 and the U.S. Mars Observer in 1993; contact with these craft was lost as they entered orbit around the planet Mars.

: The True Story of America's Psychic Warfare Program. The book traces the history of remote viewing from the Cold War all the way back to the Bible, detailing research results from Stanford Research Institute proving that unlimited by time and space, remote viewing is available to everyone.

Gaining covert knowledge about a variety of government and military activities around the world, the soldiers turned psychic spies were asked to stop a Soviet plot to kill President Ronald Reagan by mentally prowling the halls of the Kremlin, and in later years they probed Iraq's hidden weapons sites in preparation for the 1991 Gulf War. Lyn Buchanan, former training officer for the PSI Spies, has described how it feels to lose integration with our material plane as he mentally steps into the trajectory of a particle beam weapon. From insights into our future to the mysteries of UFOs and crop circles, no subject has been immune to penetration by the military remote viewers.

�How to remote view.

How to Remote View

The original creators of remote viewing believe that everyone can learn how to remote view, much like learning a new language. The idea itself is quite simple - it involves relaxing the mind, focusing on a specific target, and sketching or noting down any observations or thoughts

How well does it work?

Lately, we've heard two extreme claims about remote viewing. One says that it doesn't work. The other says it works all the time. The truth is really in between - although closer to the positive end of the scale. After long practice, experienced viewers can access a target nearly one hundred percent of the time. This does not mean their data is 100% accurate, nor does it necessarily mean they get all the data they were looking for. All it means is that they retrieve information indicating that they were "there." However, these experienced viewers regularly obtain extremely accurate, often error-free...

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