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People have different perspective about Medieval ages and renaissance, some people says that Renaissance were more advanced than Middle ages while others said they weren’t advanced than Middle ages. Middle Ages were the period between 5th and 14th century. According the renaissance’s development, the Midddle Ages was not extensive although they slightly improved their economic, Art, and political system. Series calamities destroyed the improvements of the Middle Ages, calamities ranging from Hundred years of war to Black Death and great schism. Hundred years of war was the war begun 1337 between Norman kings of England and the Capetian kings of France. This war had several consequences such as depopulation, Cause famine, weak economic (Agriculture). The Black Death had first emerged in 1347; it had killed significant number of people. It is estimated that between one quarter and one third of the population of Europe had died as a result of this deadly disease. The Great Schism was when the papacy divided into two parts roman and Avignon which was in France. Moreover a continual competition started among the Popes and the king of France intervened which caused that people called the pope of Avignon, France the Puppet. All this catastrophes affected the Middle Ages developments. The France papacy lost the trust of the people, and some of them disagree the indulgences.
The renaissance as well as the Middle Ages had produced and designed different arts, but their tone and representation was different. Middle Ages arts were Pietistic painting which means it characterized by religious subject matter. Their art was totally flat and one dimension which have perspective, another thing that their arts hadn’t been shadows. They didn’t use different bright colors but their art were depicted in a gloomy manner. Historians unanimously agreed that Middle Ages arts weren’t bright and colorful. On the other hand, Renaissance arts was totally different than Middle Ages one , Renaissance style took the human being and the human form as its subject, that , their arts had also tone and they put expressions that you can tell what the person’s emotion, feelings and actions was. They were very detailed and precise that they can show information from their paint. Their arts had also three dimensional figures and they used straight lines like today’s arts. Their art reflected the concept of Humanism, which is the study of Greek and Roman Empire, they made arts about those people and sometimes the artist put their picture on it. There were public sculptures that the wealthy and powerful elites of renaissance society patronized and sponsored the arts as civic duty.
Italian cities were the main centers of the Renaissance society and this settlement facilitated trade. It was where the Western Europe had large kingdoms with powerful monarchs and centralized governments. There were number of independence and autonomous city states such as Florence, Milan, and...

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