Renewable Energy And The Economy Essay

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Clean energy is emerging as a major part of the economy and is creating many jobs right now and will in the near future. Not only is it just creating jobs, but it creates them for all types of education and skill levels. The reality of global climate change due to fossil fuels and rising carbon emissions makes it a necessity that the U.S. economy dramatically cut its consumption of traditional energy sources. The primary source of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is from human activity. As carbon dioxide rises in the atmosphere, global warming will increase not only rapidly but exponentially. It is crucial for the American people to understand the possible outcomes of the effects of global warming and extreme climate change as much as possible. The clean and renewable energy industry is rapidly expanding to meet the needs of a huge and growing international and global market for clean and also secure energy. This growth is predicted to continue to grow rapidly more than eight-fold from 2009-2035, provided countries continue their existing commitments, and draw close to $3 trillion in US currency in investment. The industry is rapidly changing therefore opening up many jobs and changing the competition all the time therefore opening the door up for all countries and all types of people.
Renewable energy can be produced in many different ways: they can include hydro, solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, biofuels, and waste-to-go energy processes. Most of these renewable energy types carry the same or common characteristics: large fixed costs and low or no variable costs, and have average costs that are very dependent on output levels. Solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, tidal and waste-to energy is generated, but have no fuel costs. The only ongoing costs for these clean energy sources are maintenance and operation, plus some energy input in the case of waste-to-energy. On the contrary, fossil fuel power stations have a significant costs in fuel. A major part of a coal-fired power station can use up to 10,000 tons of coal daily, costing between $50 and $100per ton so that fuel costs can be up to $1 million daily. When one ton of coal is burned, it will produce between 1.3-3.5 tons of carbon dioxide depending on the carbon content of the coal. THis implies that a big coal power station produces fifteen to thirty or more thousand tons of carbon dioxide daily. As you can see by these mass amounts of carbon dioxide output into the air, electricity is a major part of global warming. Clean energy is the answer to both the economic and environmental crisis in the United States and worldwide.
Next, renewable energy sources are usually capital intensive and have no running costswhch has an intriguing implication. When a wind or other renewable...

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