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Renewable Energy: Wind Farms Essay

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Hi guys. It’s Carol and today’s topic will be renewable energy, but more specifically wind energy and the sustainability of wind farms.
So what is wind energy and how do we get it?
Wind energy is a source of solar energy powered by the uneven heating of the atmosphere by the sun, irregularities of the earth’s surface and earth’s rotation⁸. Think back and remember geography from 9.
Wind energy is basically a reverse of fans⁸. Instead of using energy to produce wind, they use wind to produce energy. Awesome Right?
So many of you are probably thinking that wind farms are unsustainable and that it would be a bad idea to build one in the GTA. And I think you are all wrong.
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So some of you might say wind turbines are not aesthetically pleasing? Please what is more important to you? Something that looks nice or being able to have electricity for a lower price AND reducing your carbon footprint? Some people might not care for the environment because they believe climate change does not exist and if anything does, by that time, they would already be dead, but think about the future generations, and besides, SO MANY ISSUES are happening now due human activities increasing the rate of climate change.
This year for example, our winter was super long and if you are sceptical about this, go search up polar vortex and it will explain everything to you.
Another major issue would be the noise. Wind turbines cannot be built any closer than 300 meters from residential areas. And from that range, the wind turbines make as much noise as your refrigerator⁵. And is comparable to background noise. People do not complain that they cannot sleep due to the refrigerator noises⁵. Besides we live in the GTA. Constantly we are surrounded by the noise of traffic or what have you, so the turbine noise and the background noise are blended together¹. Since there is no difference in noise levels between having a wind turbine or not, it is better to have a wind turbine and try to save our environment, save the Earth. It’s the only one we have so...

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