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Renewable resources between the good and the bad
When we turn on a light, or when we cook, or when we drive our cars we are using energy, but have we ever thought from where this energy comes from?. Energy is the primary force in the universe, all life forms, from a single-celled microbe to elephants, exists in a continuous cycle of energy consumption. Humans work in the same way as other species. Human communities’ uses energy to survive, some of this energy can only be obtained for period of time before it is completely depleted. The Earth’s resources of energy exists in nature such as trees, rivers, coals , and wild life. People use two forms of energy. Non- renewable energy is a nature resource that cannot be grown or regenerate, such as oil, coal, and natural gas. Renewable energies are any natural resource that can be replenish by time passing by. A huge controversial topic is whether to continue using non-renewable energy, or government should invest more in researches about developing renewable sources. My goal in this paper is to demonstrate the pros and the cons of using renewable resources.
Since the industrial revolution the world’s consumption of energy has increased drastically, but the public was aware of that, since the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 people increased their conscious of the environment and the need to be prudent in the use of natural resources. In the United States since 1980 the consumption of energy was decreasing, but still the usage of energy by the Americans is wastefully high compared with other countries. (Maczulak)
The EIA “U.S Energy Information Administration” is responsible for a primary report of annual historical energy statistics. Their data include statistics on total energy production, consumption, trade, and energy prices; overviews of petroleum, natural gas, coal, electricity, nuclear energy, and renewable energy.
“The Administrator shall be responsible for carrying out a central,
comprehensive and unified energy data and information program
which will collect, evaluate, assemble, analyze, and disseminate data
and information....” (U.S Energy Information Administration)
EIA statistics of energy sources consumption in USA for the year 2012 showed that petroleum was consumed with amount of %36 of the total energy consumption, natural gas (%26), coal (%20), and renewable resources only (%9). (U.S Energy Information Administration).
It is pretty obvious that the usage of renewable energy is not equivalent to the usage of non-renewable energy. There are many different types of renewable energy sources including biomass, wind, solar, and hydro power. Wood have been used by early humans and it is still the largest renewable energy source used today. (The Environmental Literacy Council)
one of the great features of renewable sources that they are replenshiable and climate friendly. Most renewable energy sources do not produce greenhouse gas during energy production, but they can consume a...

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