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Renewable Resources And Our Environment Essay

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Renewable energy is any natural sources that can replenish itself or renew itself over a period if time. There are four major sources of renewable resources, solar power utilizes the idea of trapping or harness energy from the light of the sun in order to power electrical devices or provide heating or cooling to your local home or building. Wind power which uses the earth’s wind to turn turbines to generate energy for local towns. Geothermal energy is a product that uses the earth's heat to produce electrical energy to your needs. Water energy is a product that’s uses the energy created by the moving water or tidal power to power mechanical devices or creates electricity. Burning "biomass," including crop waste from farms, crops grown and even animal and human waste, can also generate energy for every day uses.
Solar power is one of the best renewable resources known to man today. The idea of trapping the suns rays to convert it into energy and produces electricity, heat, or cooling devices. Solar power has a variety of advantages it is so effective, abundant and infinitely renewable it makes it one of the leading renewable sources used today. Solar power comes in lager quantity or small so for instances you can use it for a local family home, or use it to run a full scale office building. Solar power can be individual solar cells used to charge batteries to store energy and solar lighting uses tubes connected to a collector on the roof of a building in order to provide light (Ayres, Robert, and . "30-39." solar energy. The Union of Concerned Scientists, 2010 20th. Web. 20

May 2010). This source of energy is very echo friendly, thus haven little to no pollution to the environment while using the solar panels/cells.
There are many advantages of solar energy but it also comes with a few flaws that holds it back from taken over our over all source of electricity for instances solar energy is best used in high climates that offer a great amount of direct sunlight so that means little room for error like high cloud coverage, Regions like deserts the solar power is becoming one of the biggest trends today. Many governments have provide incentives to use this solar power source opposed to fossil fuels that produces harmful green house effects to our ozone layer. Solar power is still often expensive to buy or build viable methods of trapping sunlight.
A power plant in la’ola Hawaii is the biggest solar farm station in the state thus having 7,400 tilting panels on 10ac of a former pineapple land that created 3,200 jobs for the Hawaii natives. One of the biggest support groups for the solar power energy is the ISES (international solar energy society) who was founded in 1954 who was a regional group under the name association for applied solar energy which now is spread of 50 countries. Developments haven provide, people are pushing for change...

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