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Renewable Wind Energy Essay

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Natural gas is a difficult source to deviate from because of its cheap cost. Even though it is cheap, it is not renewable hence not an ideal source of energy. There is a plethora of renewable energy sources but why is wind energy superior to them all? Created by Charles F. Bush in 1849 at a company called Green Ohio Energy, to harnest the power of the wind and convert it into renewable energy. Wind energy can be accuired by utilizing wind turbines that rotate when wind passes through the blades of the turbine. They blades are connected to a shaft on the structure which is connected to a generator that produces the eecticity to be used.
Natural gas is used by methods of combustion to retrieve the energy from the bonds of the molecules in the substance. This process is exemplified in vehicles when water comes from the tail pipe thus proving combustion is occurring seeing as a combustion reaction produces carbon dioxide and water. Vehicles are infamous for their massive carbon dioxide exhaust, one reason to switch to a renewable source of energy. They are most commonly know as being used in vast flat pains but they can be used for commercial use in homes.
The Green House affect is a major problem that current energy sources contribute to, just as other renewable energy, wind energy reduces pollutants that contribute to this epidemic. These turbines are powered solely on wind itself. Every human on the Earth experiences wind. It can not be escaped by anyone thus anybody can utilize its advantageous benefits. The turbines come in a variety of sizes making them useful for any occasion. The turbines also take up a virtually minuscule plot of land making it useful for farmers and their agricultural needs.
The wind turbines are relatively cheap per kilowatt per hour at $3000-$8000 a year while a 10 kilowatt system like the machines used to power homes cost anywhere from $50,000-$80,000 a year. This is rather cheap compared to that of a geothermal source of energy where the drilling alone can be $10,000 to $30,000. The price of wind turbines has severely decreased in the past years due to the fervor of alternative energy. The turbines also has amassed a high amount of jobs in this field to perfect the wind turbine to make it the most beneficial source of energy. This source of...

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