Reno V. American Civil Liberties Union

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One of the most significant cases where the government tried to promote uniformity was Reno v. American Civil Liberties Union, where the issues were free speech broadcasted over the internet. The statue that had to be interoperated is the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which seeks to protect minors from harmful material on the internet. Reno tried to argue that the act was being violated. She sourced to provisions in the docket, which were the "indecent transmission provision and the patently offensive display provision" (Cheeseman 2004). On February 8th, 1996, the president signed the statue into law and immediately after that a total of 47 plaintiffs filed suit against the United States attorney general's office where Janet Reno was employed challenging the sanctions that were approved. The argument was heard by a three-judge district court. They felt that protecting the welfare of the children had authenticity and importance, but none the less, "the statute abridges the freedom of speech protected by the First amendment. For the forgoing reason, the judgment of the district court is affirmed" (Cheeseman 2004).The computer information transactions involve licenses, not sales. It also extends easily to sales of computers and computer peripherals. UCITA was initially proposed as an amendment to the Uniform Commercial Code. The UCC, article 2 involves sales among other issues. These rules are to govern commercial transactions. Article 2 is also applied by federal courts to sales contracts governed by federal law.The difference between selling and licensing is significant. The definition of a license is "a contract that transfers limited rights in...

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549 words - 2 pages consequences of this right endanger millions of Internet users on a daily basis. If the CDA had been passed, online predators and harassers would not be as protected, and many deaths, rapes, and fights could have been prevented.ACLU. "Your Constitutional Rights." Web. 4 Oct. 2009. .Cyber Rights and Cyber Liberties. "Materials Related to the American Civil Liberties Union v Reno Case." 29 June 1997. Web. 4 Oct. 2009. .Enerything2. "Reno v. ACLU." Web. 4 Oct. 2009. .Learning To Give, Steve Germani. "Freedom of Speech." Web. 4 Oct. 2009. .

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1681 words - 7 pages American Reporter, the electronic newspaper that challenged the law.”(Lewis) This case however was not the first. In Philadelphia a group of some 50 organization filed a lawsuit against the CDA and the court also ruled in their favor. (Lewis) More and more cases began popping up in federal courts until December of 96 when it was finally brought before the Supreme Court in Reno v. American Civil Liberties Union.(ACLU v Janet Reno)   &nbsp

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